Protecting Your Web Content Against Plagiarism

There really is no guarantee that plagiarism won’t happen, even if you hire an SEO company Warrington. However, you can take precautionary steps to avoid having your content copied by other entities or individuals.

What is Content Theft?

Content theft apparently involves using someone else’s content without asking for consent. Most of the plagiarism cases happen online in the form of images, videos, written text, and so on. Plagiarism is mainly copying and pasting content from one website to your own page without proper sourcing or without permission. If you hire a SEO company Warrington, make sure that they also pay attention to the plagiarism issues rampant across the internet.

Why do people steal content?

People copy content for various reasons. It could be due to sheer laziness, desire to benefit from other people’s high-quality work, or even ignorance of the plagiarism rules. Whatever the reason, stealing content is something that should not be practiced or tolerated. Some shady SEO company Warrington even engage in plagiarising content illegally, so be careful in choosing one.

Ways to Protect Your Digital Content

You really can’t control other people’s actions. However, there are things you can do to minimise plagiarism risks. You can start with the following:

Disable Right Click on Your Pages

This is one of the most direct methods you can use. Just disable right click on your website, so it’s harder for people to steal your text and images. If you have coding knowledge, you can do this by yourself. If not, you can get in touch with your web developer. You may also use WordPress plugins like WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click.

Protect Your Images from Theft

In terms of your images, you can watermark them. There are also instant WordPress plugins that make this possible like Photo Gallery by WD and Image Watermark. It also helps to add a copyright notice to all your web pages. This directly lets everyone know that your images are not up for grabs.

Copyright Protections from WordPress

WordPress has made it easy for users to add extra layers of copyright protection to their site. If content is stolen, these plugins can be used to prove that you own the content copied. Plugins like Copyright Proof can be your handy choice which adds a time-stamped and digitally signed certificate to your pages and posts. Plus, it lets you disable content selection and gives you the IP addresses of the possible thieves.

Finding Plagiarized Content with Copyscape

If you did not implement any content protection method yet, it’s possible that some of your content may have already been copied. Luckily, it’s easy for you to detect plagiarism using tools like Copyscape. It’s a reliable tool that enables you to search for copies across the web.

Filing a DMCA Complaint

Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA is a law in the US which bans digital plagiarism. If you file a DMCA complaint, you can most likely have the copied content removed. Though it takes time and effort to file this complaint, if your content is used on a well-ranking site, it’s best to file the complaint to earn the credit you undoubtedly deserve. If you’re working with an established SEO company Warrington, they can help you know how to proceed whenever your content is copied elsewhere.

Overall, the digital world is teeming with both good and bad things. Although it’s virtually easier for people to copy someone else’s work these days, the power to avoid this disaster is still in your hands.

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