Proven Ways on How to Get the Best Guests for Your Website

The phrase ‘no man is an island’ is one that is commonly used to indicate just how we, as a people, require and need each other. This is true for many aspects of life, one of them being in the blogging and website business – SEO Agency Liverpool. This, just like any other business out there needs likeminded people to connect and share ideas. That is why guest posting is very important in building connections. Guest posting is the writing and publishing of an article on someone else’s website or blog. Searching for the return visitors on your site? Blue Whale Media can stand on the gap!

Measures to take when guest posting

According to SEO Agency Liverpool, there are certain measures that should be taken for effective guest posting.  The first step is to find out the sites that openly accept guest posting and start from there. Since there are quite a number, the best thing to do as this point is to get organized. You can do this by creating an excel spreadsheet that contains information such as the sites’ homepage, guest posting guidelines, PR and maybe few optional metrics such as twitter comments and followers.

Importance of Using Google Search Strings

Use Google search strings to your advantage to help you get in touch with relevant guest posting opportunities. Examples of some of the most effective ones are; ‘keyword+ guest post’, ‘keyword+ write for us’ among others. Use of such strings will help you be a step closer to getting your chance to post on a guest blog that really wants you to do so – SEO Agency Liverpool.

Use of Google Blog Search

Apart from these, you can also use Google blog search to connect with other bloggers that are in need of guest posting. Google+ may be an underrated social networking platform but it is one of the best in finding sites that want guest posts. One downside is that search results may not be as specific as those obtained from the normal Google index, therefore a searcher needs to use broader search strings in order to get accurate and reliable results – SEO Agency Liverpool.

Importance of using Blog Comments in Content Marketing

By the time you complete all the above steps, you will have a long list of sites that are actively searching for guest posts. It is now time to narrow them down to just a few that you can be able to manage. At this point, choose those that will give you the most SEO and traffic value as assisted by SEO Agency Liverpool. Some of the things you should look for in those sites are metrics such as PR and relevancy to determine whether or not they are worth it. Another factor that is used to determine the activity of a blog is the blog comments. A blog that receives a lot of positive comments is a clear indication that it gets many guests and readers.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, whenever you come across such a site, you should always put it into consideration. How well a site shares its blog content is a crucial metric that should be considered. A blog that selflessly shares its content also increases the chances of your blog being shared and therefore gives you the chance to connect with other bloggers – SEO Agency Liverpool. Every business needs creative design and marketing. Reach out to gurus at Blue Whale Media; call +44 1925 552050 or click for more details.

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