The role of a content writer in a digital marketing team

Role Of A Content Writing In Digital Marketing

With the growing use of the internet and technology, people’s dependency on the online market has increased. Due to the increasing demand, content marketing is gaining fame. Every content writer makes use of words and creative ideas to be the voice of the brand for which they are working. Though every content writer has their voice for content writing, they have to be the voice of the brand they are working and writing for. 

At Blue Whale Media, our team of content writers writes the content you see on our website as well as those of our clients. Being versatile is essential to help all types of businesses to attract new customers now and in the future.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Draft content ideas, ready for approval – it’s good to think for yourself and generate content ideas; your manager might wish to sign off on this before you start writing. 
  • Write long-form compelling blog articles – long-form blog content works great for SEO; your job is to write and publish articles that will excel in google search results. 
  • Create enticing product descriptions – for any products listed online, you will be required to create compelling SEO optimised product descriptions that sell the product to customers. 
  • Write print marketing material that will be distributed to customers in a variety of formats – companies still make good use of print marketing, for example, direct mail, leaflets and packaging. 
  • Carry out industry research to stay up-to-date – you will be required to write material and stay ahead of industry-relevant changes either within newspapers or blogger mailing lists.

The main benefits of content writers

A content writer is one of the most influential people within a digital marketing company; everything you see on any website is written by content writers. At Blue Whale Media, our content writers are essential cogs in what we do; here are some of the benefits to having an in-house content writer:

  • Spreading information. The promotion and popularity of any online platform are hugely dependent on the spread of information. It’s supposed to fully reflect the services of the products offered by a certain company, the content writer is answerable when writing high-quality content to suit the expectations of the client. 
  • Search engine optimisation. A content writer also makes their text visible on big search engines, even if those texts are perfect, useful and informative. That’s why content writers add specific keywords and phrases to every piece of content; they research the most popular keywords for that industry and current market and naturally blend them in. 
  • Wise use of social media. Millions of people spend time on social media, smart content writers turn it to the companies advantage. They create special posts and join groups or communities to collaborate with other people to make the online company their working for more popular.

Ultimately the roles and responsibilities vary with each content writing job and company. If the content is king, then content writers are kingmakers; it’s not just about the words; they understand the use of headlines, titles, SEO and more. At Blue Whale Media, content writing is one of our most popular services; why not get in touch for more information about our content writing services.