The SEO Benefits of Videos

Over the years, videography has become a way more popular way to increase online presence. More people nowadays are inclined to watch a video about a product/service rather than read about it. 98% of people of uses say thieve watched a video about a product/service and found it more beneficial than reading up about it. Like these days is too busy to read up about a product and service making video a great tool as it is really easy to consume. Due to platforms we work with today video marketing has a lot bigger and wider audience it can capture. Video marketing can also be great for SEO purposes.

Video marketing for SEO

55% of people watch videos online every day making it a gold mine for our marketing ventures. With Google being the most used search engine in the world, it is more than likely most traffic will evolve from there. It’s all about providing content to your site that the search engine likes. Videos will allow you to increase the time that visitors spend on our website. This communicates to Google that long exposure can only be built through good content provided on your site. Stats show that you’re 53 times more likely to show up first on google if you have vid3os embedded to your site. Youtube is one of the biggest video sharing websites in the world. Now that Google owns Youtube, there has been a drastic change to how video alters your SEO rankings. This only comes into effect if you optimise your videos on YouTube. This is done by writing interesting titles and descriptions with links back to your website.

Video appeals to mobile users

In a recent change search engine optimisation applies more to mobile than it does desktop. This is due to the increase in mobile users as opposed to desktop users. Video and mobile go hand in hand with 90% of consumers watching video on their mobile rather than other devices. As the number of smartphone users increases so does your audience. Smartphones make it easy for the consumer to watch videos on the go. Google says that people on smartphones feel more of a personal connection to brands that show video or ads on their devices.

Video has great ROI

You’re your website and videos are now being seen more often now due to SEO. Even though videos are not the cheapest tasks, they produce a great return on investment. This makes it ideal as your video is more likely to be seen and more likely to have a return on investment. Video has the power to even engage the laziest of buyers.

Video encourages social shares

Getting ranked on Google to get your brand noticed is one thing. Social networks also encourage video marketing content with nearly all social platforms being suitable for video uploads. Videos that express emotion rather than facts are more likely to be shared.

Why invest in video marketing?

As already mentioned video marketing has the potential to be great for your businesses SEO campaign. It also has the ability to leave lasting impressions and the opportunities to reach put to a wider audience through social shares and online presence

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