Social Media Copywriting Tips

Social Media Copywriting Tips

Most social marketers probably don’t think of themselves as copywriters. Often, we all rely on our brainpower to write captions that capture the attention of your social media audience.

Whether you’re selling products or just putting your brand on the map, stepping up your copywriting game should be a top priority.

Anyone can learn how to write creative captions for social media; however, our content team has turned into a skill at Blue Whale Media. Here are a few of the best tips we use when writing great copy for social media:

Understanding Social Media Platforms

As a social media copywriter, it is essential to know how to utilise these different platforms properly:

  • Facebook – the most popular social media platform. It has grown into a massive online community and has become a popular choice for businesses because of the variety of content options.
  • LinkedIn – the oldest social media platform available; this platform offers the same things as Facebook; however, it has career-related functions for individuals and businesses.
  • Instagram – this social media platform focuses on visuals and has become a significant marketing and advertising tool for businesses.
  • Twitter – is the social platform most commonly used by businesses. With a wide range of demographics using the platform, it is ideal for businesses and communication between individuals, B2B and B2C businesses.

Know your audience

The first step of social media copywriting is to connect with your audience and learning to understand them. Study consumer insights and data like a book, pulling in any insights about your audience’s day to day activities, insights and motivations. This information will help you better tailor your copy to your audience, which in turn will make your copy stronger and more effective. From this information, you’ll be able to construct a compelling caption for any social media platform that can stop browsers from scrolling.

Keep it short and sweet.

It’s no secret that people’s attention spans are short – people will not spend a lot of time reading through something long-winded. More than on any other medium on social media, there’s so much competition and such a small window for you to grab the audience’s attention. Social media also isn’t the place for long-winded stories, detailed explanations and rambling paragraphs. To convey your message in as few words as possible, put the most important information at the beginning of your caption.

Find your brand voice.

Every company is different and they want to be portrayed in unique ways. One of the best ways to influence the ways each company is portrayed through the voice of social media content. With a voice for your company or brand, you’ll stand out and break through the noise for your audience to be engaged by what you’re saying. You may want to be strategic, but you’ll also want to seem more natural and come across as friendly.

The modern business has such a wide variety of marketing options to choose from that it can often become overwhelming. Now it has become the copywriter’s role to figure out how to master captions for social media for their brand. Head to our social media marketing page on Blue Whale Media for more information about social media copywriting.