Supporting Other Women In The Workplace

Supporting Other Women In The Workplace

International Women’s Day has been and gone but the topic of conversation is still very popular. After running our all female-led podcast, I felt empowered to talk further about supporting women in the workplace. In particular, women who work in tech as this is something I can relate to the most. Overall I think the attitude towards women in working in tech has improved but there are still areas that are tough are women. Even though this is the case, it’s still important to support other women in the workplace and motivate them.

Teaching Skills

Firstly I think it’s important to give other’s help when needed. Teaching women your skills, giving them advice or just offering general support can really help others, especially if they are just starting out. You might have vital knowledge that can support people in their learning journey. Even if you are not mentoring someone, it’s good to let women in junior roles know that you are available to help at any time.

Sharing Successes

Another advice I would give you is to think of one woman’s success as a whole success. It’s important not to see other women as the competition but support them in their achievements. Many women in tech are doing so many good things within their job role and proving that it doesn’t matter what gender you are. When you see this either online or in person, make sure to congratulate them and show them your support. Women sharing other women’s success stories will empower everyone else to do the same.

Supporting Women In The Workplace
Women In The Workplace

Involving Women  

Wherever you work, there will be women who want to be involved in different projects within the business. As we understand, people can’t be involved in everything but ensuring they feel like they’re are included will give them a huge boost. Give them a chance to voice their ideas, come along on female-focused events and just be generally involved in the business. Even though this is important for women in tech, it’s also important for people, in general, to feel like they are involved within the company they work in.

Speaking Out

Sometimes gender bias might not be purposely nasty but it can happen in the workplace. If it does and you notice it, it’s important to speak out. Support the women in your workplace and show them that you aren’t going to let it slip. Whether you speak directly to the person or to a manager, you need to make sure that this is bought up as no company should allow gender bias.

 How To Empower

 With all this being said, you need to be supporting women in the workplace no matter where you work or what your job role is. There are many ways to show your support as mentioned previously but there’s no better time to start than now. To keep up with our activities on how we are supporting women in tech, head over to our

Supporting Other Women In The Workplace