The Best Fonts for Web Designs, Videos or Graphics

When it comes to art, it is not only the content that communicates. Images, as they say, is worth a thousand words. Fonts are next to pictures but they represent the textual context where images may not be provided. Looking at different fonts, you may easily know the intention of the writer, say, for Freestyle script or comic sans, you would guess an artistic event whereas for Cambria or Times New Roman, you would think any professional writing. Choosing the right font for your intended purpose plays a significant role in attracting your targeted audience to read your content. We will explore the top five best fonts that are used for Web Designs, Videos or Graphics.


Helvetica fonts which are sometimes referred to as Neue Haas Grotesk is a family of the sans serif typeface fonts that usually is used for graphic designs. This type of font is suitable for logo designs because of the tight spacing of letters which makes it accommodate more alphabets in a small space. Its legibility and popularity make it one of the best fonts to consider when designing logos for your graphics tasks. The Helvetica font was developed as a rival to Akzidenz Grotesk.


Arial is a sans-serif font family that is mostly used for web design because of its popularity. It is a web-safe font that comes pre-installed in most systems ranging from Android to Windows and MacOS just like the Helvetica. The distinguishing factor is the user-friendly spacing that makes it easy to read and pull from the website in the most popular sites including the compression-based browsers such as opera mini.

Mission Gothic

When it comes to creating any video whether descriptive, corporate or advertisement, the mission gothic font comes in handy. This font comes in different weights and is available in different styles which makes it one of the best fonts to use in your videos. They are clear and will make you subtitles and other descriptions clear and readable making the viewers impressed with your videos.

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is the best fonts to consider for general use. For web designing, Videos or Graphics these fonts are the best in clarity and design and can help you portray your art in style. These fonts are used for many technical academic writings, and most sites use it because of its popularity. Most operating systems comes preinstalled with these fonts which make easy to render without deforming its original structure.

Abraham Lincoln

Most video and graphic productions consider using these fonts to provide descriptions. They are tall and skinny fonts and thus, give a nice finish to your designs and videos. Its usage is mostly in the introductory part where not too much detail is required but brief and catchy titles, say, for a movie, a short film or a cover page for a book. Revolutionise your work with these top-of-the-line fonts that will see you through your graphic design and video editing job with quality output.

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