The Importance of Email Newsletters

When you consider modern marketing techniques such as social media marketing, email marketing might seem like a thing of the past. This could not, however, be more untrue. Email remains, even in the age of social media marketing, one of the most important avenues to keep up a loyal customer base, and to keep them in the know about what your brand is doing next.

Take a look below to see just how important email marketing is, and how your brand can make the absolute most out of your email campaigns.


Why is Email Marketing so Powerful?

To see the impact in numbers, take a look at some statistics:

  • There are 3 times as many email accounts as all Twitter and Facebook accounts combined
  • Around 264 billion emails are sent and received everyday, and just under half of those are sent by the business sector
  • 92% of online adults use email in some form, and 61% of those use it daily
  • When wanting updates from companies, over 90% of people want them through emails
  • Around 72% of people want promotional deals sent through email over other marketing channels
  • 49% of consumers actively want to receive promotional emails from brands they subscribe to

With this, it’s easy to see why email is such an attractive avenue to market in, and why it’s so important to take advantage of. Even beyond statistics, email is an exceptionally good avenue for keeping your old customers engaged with continuous updates on your brand, as well as turning new customers onto your products.

Why Design is Important

Design is important for any marketing channel, but email in particular requires an extra edge to really stand out. The reason? With email having such a wide reach and exceptional marketing potential, almost every single online brand uses email in some form. Because of this, you need to pay special attention to your email designs to have an edge over the dozens (possibly even hundreds) of other promotional emails that your customers will be receiving on a regular basis.

Tips and Tricks for Your Own Email Designs

As with all types of design, there is no one-size fits-all solution to nailing the perfect email layout. Check out some of these ideas and methods that you can apply to most kinds of email design, to help bring your emails to the next level.

For your next email design, try:

  • Putting your content front and centre
  • Using colour blocking to break up information
  • Keeping your branding as the central focus
  • Having an overall strong tone
  • Breaking up your text with different fonts
  • Evoking emotion with different language
  • Doing something completely different, by going minimalist or maximalist

Experiment, and see what works the best for your audience and brand specifically. There’s no way to find out if your customers respond better to one style of email over another until you try it first hand.

Want even more help on bringing your email campaigns to new levels? Get in contact with us here at Blue Whale Media to see how we can help you.