Things to Know Before Starting a Website Design Project

Working on creating a website for your business? If you have no prior experience of being involved in a web design project, it helps to know of paths to steer clear of to avoid delays and ballooning budgets. Here is a guide from our web design Liverpool team.

Content First – A Top Tip From The Web Design Liverpool Team

Most business owners want their website project kick started yesterday. But ask them for content, and they want time. From our experience, we can tell you that this is the biggest mistake. Avoid starting your web design project without having content in place. If you are unable to create content, we’d be happy to put our copywriting team on it for you. If you are going to be writing the content, sit with the web design team and plan the content layout. Even if you are having us write the content for you, sit with the team to clarify your goals.Make sure your content is ready before your website is designed. This way, you will have a website that better meets your expectations and needs.

Design Is More Important Than Your Preferences

You may have some specific preferences. Some might not be a big deal (such as colour preferences) to incorporate, but some might just be against design principles (such as fancy typography). Your web design Liverpool team has your best interests in mind. So it’s not personal when they override some of your preferences. If your web designer does not agree with a specific requirement of yours, be sure to ask the reason.

The Contract is a Useful Choret

The project contract is a wonderful document you that can be of great use to both the web design agency as well as to your business. It’s boring for sure. But it offers a great deal of information. The agreement outlines the timelines, deliverables, and other details. This helps you keep track of the progress of your project. Go through the contract with your web design Liverpool agency. This way, if you have a question or find an error/omission, you can clarify as you read. Ready to create a website for your business? Contact Blue Whale Media for a free consultation.

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