Top Tips to Build the Best Social Media Strategy 

It is common for businesses to begin a social media strategy without any planning beforehand. Without an effective social media strategy, your business is more likely to fail. Social media is always changing, which means some strategy plans you may have used a couple of years ago won’t necessarily work now. The way we access and consume information is subject to change all the time, so you will need to be aware of these changes and plan accordingly. Carry on reading this blog if you want to find the best way to plan your social media strategy!

Set your goals

First, there are two big questions you will want to answer; what are your biggest challenges and what do you want to achieve. After acknowledging these, you are then able to set your goals around them. It is handy to keep these goals attainable and not start with unrealistic goals for yourself. For example, when you start your business, you shouldn’t be aiming to get 1 million followers on socials; you should begin low and build it up over time.

Research your target audience

One of the most important steps is to know who your audience is. The best way to do this is through social media analytic tools. Once you have posted a few, you can see the insights on the posts and find out where most of your audience is and go from there. You will be able to see which social media site is most effective for what you want to promote, along with the ages and genders of your audience.

Create engaging content

To gain respect from your audience, you don’t want to be just sharing posts to sell to them; you should also create content to inspire and educate them. Using videos already accounts for more than 80% of consumer internet traffic. Videos grab attention and are significantly more engaging than just using text or a still image in a post.

Engage with your audience

Engaging with your audience is always a big factor when it comes to increasing your following. Ensure you reply to your followers every question; you should give good responses to make them feel more involved with the company. This will result in customers coming back again.

Find the best time to post

Depending on your target audience, you will have a good idea of when is the best time to post your content. Through social media analytics, you will see when your followers are most active and more likely to engage with your posts. Not only are you able to see the best time of day to post, but you can see what days of the week are best also. This could range from Monday to Friday or just on weekends, depending on who your audience is.