Reasons why you should include press releases in your digital marketing strategy.

Back in the day, press releases used to be a very important part of all business digital marketing strategies considering its function of making your target audiences aware of the new products or services that are offered within your organisation. Press Release Agency Warrington disclosed that they usually would contain specific information about the products, contacts, and quotes that would get people talking about your product and business making it’s easy to convert them into making sales. All in all, the strategy has become less popular over time because of the emergence of various new strategies. However, Blue Whale Media, a reputable organisation in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) among other related areas believes press release should be part of your marketing strategy for reasons such as;

Press releases cost no money.

According to Press Release Agency Warrington, press releases don’t need any financial allocation for its effect to be felt on the business as of now. Initially, the minimal expenditures came in in terms of buying papers and ink for printing and sending via mail. However, technology has eliminated these costs and the strategy can be used as part of your email campaigns which can even be automated to save you time and make it easy to follow up.

Has SEO benefits.

In the current technological world, ensuring your business website ranks well among the various search engines is the optimal goal for increasing targeted traffic on your website. Press Release Agency Warrington revealed that people usually click on the top three search results for the various searches and ranking among these positions may be beneficial for the business. These press releases can be optimised for SEO with relevant backlinks and keywords which will improve the online visibility of your content and website in general.

Press releases reach a large audience.

Considering these press releases will be distributed to your various prospective clients via email, social media, and other online platforms, Press Release Agency Warrington is confident that they can instantaneously reach a lot of people anywhere around the globe. This will help the business cast a wider net to get various potential customers depending on whether they are interested in showing their new products, trying to get new business or simply trying to advertise their services and products which already existed before.

Inspire trust and loyalty in the brand.

Press Release Agency Warrington believes that if the press release is successful and covered by a trusted third party, the message is likely to stand out and impact your target consumers into making purchases from your brand. This is largely because consumers usually trust stories that are written by objective third-party sources and the trust consequently leads to loyal customers who help the business to grow.


Press releases alongside other digital marketing strategies can be the difference between success and failure for a lot of business. Press Release Agency Warrington advises organizations that even though there are various new trendy strategies in the markets today, press releases should be included among their strategies to increase the probability of success and inform prospective clients about new products which may lead to purchases. Contact us today for professional digital marketing services that would help set your business apart from other competing brands and increase sales.