How can you use Instagram TV in your social media marketing?

Instagram TV was created with the aim to bring audiences and social media users closer to the creators that they love. It differs from the normal video format on Instagram as it focuses on long form video content. As well as allowing viewers to get the most from the creators that they love to interact with, it also gives the creators a way to develop standalone content that does not affect their feed and influence the new and controversial Instagram algorithm. So, what can you do to successfully incorporate Instagram TV into your marketing strategy? We’ve listed some of the ways below.

How the landscape is evolving

Social media platforms are evolving to compete with more established media outputs, such as YouTube and TV. Younger audiences have grown with social media and studies have shown that these audiences tend to invest their time into amateur creators and streamers rather than the classic TV format. Younger generations of people are spending more time on the internet, actively interacting with the creators and brands that they love. In an age of connectivity, studies like this show that it is absolutely vital for businesses that wish to be successful to invest time and money into their social media platforms.

Studies have predicted that by 2021, mobile video will account for over 78% of all mobile data traffic that is generated. Businesses and brands must evolve and develop a strategy to maximise their presence through mobile videos.

What kind of content do people want to see on Instagram TV?

You can successfully utilise Instagram TV in many different ways. From Q&A style videos to product tutorials or demonstrations, the platform can be adapted to suit any of your business wants of needs. Instagram Tv is similar in many ways to the YouTube format, however, users cannot generate advertising revenue or make any profit.

Nevertheless, Instagram TV is designed to work flawlessly with your mobile device. Unlike YouTube, Instagram allows users to stream live from their phones or mobile devices and interact with their viewers in real time. This feature allows users to directly influence video content and helps them to feel closer and more valued by the brands that they love.

What can Instagram TV offer your business?

With the influence of video platforms like YouTube and now Instagram, the landscape of online marketing has changed. It’s now vital for smaller businesses to invest time and effort in their video content.

With that in mind, brands are needing to find new ways to stand out from the competition and pull in views. Brands should research their target demographics online behaviour and cater their video style to fit. On average, 78% of online marketers say that investing in video content results in an increase of their marketing ROI, so when you strike the right note, it is a very lucrative marketing strategy.


Although relatively new, Instagram TV can offer brands a relatively easy way to connect with their audience in real time. With proper demographic research and targeting methods and subjects, Instagram TV can be a valuable asset to any businesses online marketing strategy.

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