Lauren's Apprenticeship at Blue Whale Media

Web design for beginners

Web design is about creating a functional website that looks good and meets all of your users needs. It is what determines how your website looks by choosing the fonts, colours, graphics and images on your site. It is important for your website to have high quality content and images.

Your Design
If it is your first time designing a website then it’s a good idea to choose a simple design and try not to get over ambitious and end up being disappointed. For your first site it might be a good idea to use a template for your design. The template can be used as a foundation for your design and you can customise it however you like.
You should make sure that you have at least a rough draft of all of the content that will be going on your website ready before you actually start designing it. This will make it much easier to actually design your website as you will be able to create your designs around your content. By designing your website around your content you will be able to highlight it.
User Experience
It is also important to research the basics of user experience. You should understand your intended audience and what they are looking for. You should focus on creating your design around this and make sure your design makes it easy for the users to find exactly what they are looking for.