Web design mistakes that will drive your visitors away

You might use a lot of resources, money, and effort in running your own website only to be disappointed. Traffic to your website might be rather slow and this might be rectified if only you identified some few mistakes. Design mistakes can cost you a lot and hurt all your efforts. St Helens Web Design is aware of these blunders and how to easily be avoided.

You don’t need to wait a little longer, the time to take action is actually now. You should be ready to have a total change in your design. The first impression will matter in coming up with a good web design. This is what will make your visitors want to stay longer as we do at St Helens Web Design. You wouldn’t want Google to give you higher bouncing rates, would you? This will rank you very poorly. If a visitor ranked you poorly, then others are less likely to visit.

A good web design will build trust with your visitors. It also provides guidance to your visitor on their destination. They are not going to feel stranded. It will be more user-friendly

Pages loading slowly

Speed is crucial in web design. People do not have to wait for long for pages to load. This will, in turn, affect the overall performance of your website. It’s important to budget for a high-quality web design.

Inconsistent web design and a lot of disorganization

This creates a lot of confusion for your visitors. There is no guidance and visitors end up being stranded. Pop-ups, presentations, videos, and hoops should be well designed. By engaging St Helens Web design, your site will be easier for visitors to engage with.

Keep the website simple, be consistent in terms of colour, leave lots of space and divide your content into the various topics.

Large continuous chunks of text

Most visitors would not enjoy big portions of texts that would make it hard for them to comprehend. St Helens Web design tries to use different types of fonts and colours, short paragraphs, easy to understand headings and pictorials.

Bad calls to action

A lot of disruptions to the visitor will make them go away. St Helens Web Design places specific and easy to understand calls to action at the extreme ends.

Lack of responsive design

This will alienate mobile users and be penalized by Google. St Helens Web Design makes your site look attractive in all devices

Use of outdated devices and a lot of stunts with no material

It’s important to pay attention to new trends and designs. Always stay on top of the game. Visitors will quickly figure out if a web design does not have content.

Bad site navigation

Visitors should be able to move around. There should be enough leads and connections so that they do not get stranded.

Lack of sharing or subscription methods

The social media has evolved into a global village. Users of the internet would like a site where they can interact and spread the information. If your site lacks this option, then visitors will probably leave and never come back.


By following the above guidelines, it will save you a lot of money and time and this will translate to more revenue earned by your site.

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