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Slim Care Medical


SlimCare Medical Ltd is a new and innovative solution to help people lose weight,ultimately improving health, wellbeing and longevity and with over 35 years of clinical experience, they use the latest medication combined with specific tailored dietary planning.

What We Did.
Our whole team at Blue Whale Media were involved with the SlimCare Medical project; we designed a new website with e-commerce functionality, a new logo, custom graphics, bespoke content, SEO blogs and full social media set up.

The new website has a clean and professional design that instils trust and is fully mobile device responsive and well structured, allowing for a better user experience. By creating an ecommerce website, we’ve enabled SlimCare Medical to sell their products and services easily with a heavily branded website. The logo is a bespoke and clean design and we have used it throughout the website as well as on their products which enhances their brand identity throughout the customer experience.

The refreshed new website houses all the relevant information about their services as well as the products they sell alongside their weight loss programmes, which makes it easier to navigate. The content and blogs we have written will enhance the SEO of the overall website and help the company to rank highly on Google and other search engines.

We have also conducted a complete social media marketing campaign for SlimCare Medical; our marketing team has produced designs and statuses for Facebook and Instagram. With the use of blogs, images and videos, our team have redesigned the overall look and feel of their Facebook and Instagram pages, enhancing brand awareness with the use of the logo, branded fonts and colour scheme throughout each post.

Biggest Change.
The new SlimCare Medical website has had a whole revamp and is the perfect solution for them to gain new clients and engage with their customers more. The new website includes an E-Commerce functionality, which increases the customer reach and a new logo, which grabs the attention of customers and separates the brand from its competitors. It also has SEO blogs which will help boost their Search engine optimisation and result in more customers visiting their site. Finally, they have had a full social media setup, which reaches out to a different and wider audience.

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Launch Date: 10.04.21