Wellies and Windbreaks Uses Booking Software- Super Control

Long term client of Blue Whale Media – Wellies and Windbreaks – is breaking ground when it comes to booking management.

Super Control, a software set to revolutionise the way in which businesses take bookings and reservations online, has been used on the website WelliesandWindbreaks.co.uk to make the booking of properties seamless.

But who are Wellies and Windbreaks and why is this the right software for them?

An Introduction to Wellies and Windbreaks

Wellies and Windbreaks is a business that offers luxury apartment and home rentals in the south of England. The business is a boutique holiday home rental service full of charm and quirk.

Therefore, they needed a website that reflected the businesses unique and quirky charm and so Blue Whale Media set out designing something really special.

With over 30 pages on the site, there is no doubt that building the website was a challenge and a task but one that our team welcomed.

It was important that although the site has to look great, it needed to function equally well. Because of this, Blue Whale recommended the booking and management software Super Control.

What is Super Control?

Super Control was born out of a need, a need for a software that could automate the booking and management process for companies where the pre booking of goods and services was an absolute necessity.

Whether you are a hotel, leisure centre, an entertainment servicer or any other type of bookable service- Super Control can help you.

After ten years of powering websites of all sizes and backgrounds, it’s safe to say Super Control is leading the way when it comes to software based booking systems- being the chosen software for websites such as Airbnb.

So How is Super Control Helping Wellies and Windbreaks?

Having over 18 separate properties, it is only natural that the guys at Wellies and Windbreaks need some help managing their bookings.

Taking over the phone reservations is a somewhat outdates system and for those seeking to take the pressure of themselves- it more than likely causes a lot of headaches and problems. 

Just think about how easy it can be to throw a piece of paper with a booking scrawled on it away, or to simply forget about inputting the reservation into some sort of physical diary.

Super Control gets rid of this problem entirely by automating bookings as data stored on the website.

For other businesses, Super Control can be a convenient helping hand but for Wellies and Windbreaks it has the potential to completely revolutionise the way in which they do business.

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