The future of WordPress web design

What Is the Future of WordPress Web Design?

WordPress came into our lives 18 years ago, and it’s still one of the most helpful tools that web designers and content creators have to create web pages. Some people, though, wonder about how much this platform can change in the future since WordPress is not what it was before. 

Don’t misunderstand us, though. When we say it’s not what it was before, we mean using it is easier than before, and it has tons of new features that allow content creators and designers to be more creative when making their website or blog. 

Is WordPress going to be active ten years from now? Many WordPress users think that this platform can lose out to competitors in the future. Regardless of that, here at the Blue Whale Media, we don’t think that’s true. WordPress has a bright future ahead, so we can only speculate how it may change shortly. 

Dive into this page to know what the future of WordPress web design could be! This information can significantly help you if you want to learn more about web design and digital marketing.

What Can We Expect from the Future of WordPress Web Design? 

There are new technology developments each year, and developers have to take advantage of them to improve the platforms, programs, and apps they use. Development teams always make an effort to make their apps more user-friendly, so it’s only natural to expect that may happen to WordPress. 

We believe WordPress can become even easier to use in the future; even to a point that could allow non-designers to create websites without knowing a thing about web design. Since WordPress is a Content Management System, it may help new people to improve their writing.

Our team also hopes that WordPress developers put an effort into improving the WordPress mobile app in the future. Although this app works perfectly, content creators and Manchester web designers can’t make new websites and blog posts from their smartphones.

The future of WordPress can also bring some improvements to how the whole platform helps you. We believe you can expect it to give you full premade templates for you to fill with your information. A feature like that would help you finish your websites and blog posts in no time. 

At last, but not least, we have security features. Although WordPress is not an unsafe platform, it would be great that web designers could have more protection when creating and uploading their designs. 


There are many content management systems out there, but none of them is as popular as WordPress. One of the reasons for that is how much its development team has made constant changes to improve the way the platform works and how it helps its users. 

Investing in WordPress digital marketing is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do for your business, so don’t hesitate to do it! We can help you in every stage of the process, so contact us any time you need to.