What Makes a Great Website?

Websites are the first thing people look at, when someone is interested in your services they will go onto your website to find out all the information they need before contacting you. Having an informative website that reflects what your company is about is an essential part of any business. 

User Friendly

Having a website that allows its users to navigate around easily will be a massive advantage, they’re so many websites out there that people struggle to use. Ensuring your website is user friendly will make a difference when it comes to gaining new customers. If you have a website

that people are struggling to use, they are most likely not going to want to use your services. Simple things like adding a contact form onto your website will make a difference. The speed of your websites is also a huge factor not many people consider, if a potential client is left waiting a while for your website page to load they will eventually just get bored and click off.

Personalised User Experience

Making your website stand out to users is a great way to enhance user experience and draw people in. Instead of just allowing people to view the same content they see on every other website, have an element that stands out. This way people will remember your website and either come back to it or maybe recommend it to somebody they know. Some companies will personalise each users’ individual experience, this means they can adapt the website to that users’ needs without making too much work for themselves.

Extraordinary Content

Providing content on your website that stands out as well as having useful information shown is something you might want to consider. It doesn’t just have to be in text format either, showing videos and images is a great way to engage with users and keep them interested. Showcasing any promotions or offers you might be having as well as sending email campaigns is a great way to reach people without trying too hard.

Bold Colours

Something having too much going on with your website can drive people away, it is still quite recent that having bright or bold colours on your website has been excepted. Sticking to a colour scheme will defiantly work to your advantage as people will being to learn the colours of your company, so long as you stay consistent. Here at Blue Whale Media we are known for our Blue and while combination, incorporating your primary colours into your company logo is a great place to start. 


Creating videos that are unique to your business is something not all companies think to do. Granted it does cost time and money, however this is a different approach to inform users of services you may offer. Here at Blue Whale we are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage with our customers and anyone who views our website, check out some of our videos linked below.