Why Blogging will be Huge in 2019

A blog also known as a weblog is a website comprising a series of information on particular areas of interest or opinions on specific subject matters. SEO Warrington has discovered that with the rise of usage of smartphones and other internet-connected devices over the last decade, blogs have become a favourite source of information especially when customers are researching about a specific good which they intend to purchase.

Blogs have picked speed slowly over the years, with different bloggers spending hours and hours writing about various topics which target diverse consumer groups. It is believed that blogging will be huge in 2019 compared to the previous years due to reasons such as:


Over the past few years, a significant number of bloggers wrote only as a hobby. It was an activity that they just engaged in during their free time. Weblog has however transformed to be a career that people depend on to earn a living and better their living standards. This change has seen bloggers become committed to their work, research and deliver quality pieces of work, set goals and ambitiously striving to achieve them as well as ensuring growth and customer satisfaction with each previous jobs.


With weblog now being a career and a source of income for bloggers. They are now continually planning on pieces which they would write on, depending on what they believe their clientele would require at that time. This planning gives them ample time to research on these topics, vet their information correctly to ensure reliability and ultimately to yield quality articles for the readers.


Statistics have shown that there are millions of blogs which are published on a daily basis. Most businesses have engaged in online marketing of their products as part of their strategy to increase sales. SEO Warrington knows that it is highly unlikely to increase the sales as expected if the content from the bloggers is mediocre, this competitiveness has compelled bloggers to up their game and write excellent pieces considering the average buyer goes through a few blogs before actually deciding on the product to purchase.


In recent years there has been an increase in the consumption of videos by the general public. Videos are catchy, easy to understand in comparison to written text and go a great mile in helping to achieve intended results. The integration of videos on blogs will improve the delivery of the message enhancing the quality of the blog.

Search Engine Traffic

SEO Warrington knows that strategic creation of traffic flowing on your website can be the most powerful tool for marketing in today’s world. Sharing of articles on different products which you deal in with well-placed keywords will lead to a lot of people clicking on your website which may increase the chances of a potential buyer being directed there. Blogging, therefore, has to be engaged to write a significant number of articles on opinions and recommendation of the specific products under consideration to achieve this desired effect. The more the materials out there with well thought out keyword positioning the higher the chances of this traffic and thus an indicator of how big blogging gets.

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