Why it is important to use call to actions

A call to action (CTA) is a request on a site that prompts the user to take some indicated action. It is a written command, like ‘Sign Up’ and are usually in the form of a button or hyperlink. Web Design St Helens will guide you through the process.

The significance of A Call To Action

The call to action acts as a notice that lets the user know what action to take next. With an unclear CTA, the user may not know what to do next to buy an item or sign up for a newsletter and will probably leave the site without achieving what they wanted.

A call to action clarifies which step to take next and helps clear the confusion in steering the user down the funnel of sales. There can also be several CTAs on a page if there are several desired actions for the user to take. 

Web Design St Helens knows the significance of using call to actions on your website.

Examples Of Calls To Action

There are several forms of CTAs depending on the context. A call to action can refer to any ask or request that you make of a user on the site.

Examples of CTAs on a website include Sign-up to receive our newsletter, share on social media, and Support our sponsor. E-commerce CTAs may be more business-like and include checkout, add to cart, buy now and add to wishlist.

Where to Place CTAs

There’s no definite answer when it comes to the best call-to-action button location. You may be wondering where it is most convenient to put your CTA. When buttons are designed and placed correctly, they can bring you more business. It is a better idea to run some tests and check what really can work on your website. User testing tools you will give you the most direct feedback you need. The most effective positions are discussed below.

Above and Below the Fold

WHave all the necessary stuff above and then the minor information below. It is essential to catch the attention of the users before they get tired of browsing through the site. A well placed CTA will ensure the user takes the next desired step to accomplish what you want to achieve with your website.

Desktop and mobile

Web Design St Helens knows most people have become smartphone users. They are quick and offer convenient experiences with the Internet especially while shopping. No one enjoys being forced into needlessly scrolling or clicking around a site for the desired target.

Stress on relevance

PPC advertisements should be as focused as possible due to the value they bring. Setting up ads in front of the wrong people will be inefficient.

Focus on the most relevant solution. Use specific keywords that relate to your business and its products.

Left and Right

The difference between a left and right call to action may just appear like its placement. However, when you dig deeper, where you place your call to actions may or may not affect whether users click them. It’s all due to the Gutenberg Diagram.

Always remember the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) before introducing any CTA into a page. Placement of CTAs is essential as it is usually what the user comes back to after going through the site. For such services go to Web Design St Helens.

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