Why you should still use email marketing in 2020

Why you should still use email marketing in 2020

Digital marketing is the heart and soul of a modern-day business company/ brand. It has become nearly impossible for brands to establish a footprint without a digital marketing strategy. However, due to the substantial number of marketing options, it is easy for brands to make the wrong choice.

If you are looking to boost your brand’s reputation and sales, may we recommend email marketing! Amidst the sea of digital marketing options, email marketing provides a unique and rigid solution.

Mass audience

Did you know? There are currently 4.4 billion email users globally. That number alone should justify the significance of email marketing in 2020. Instead of building your audience from scratch, you already have a mass pool of potential customers at your disposal. Also, the latest statistic shows that there were 293.6 billion email exchanges in 2019 alone. This means, in addition to just an impressive number of audiences, email marketing can also generate good communication.

Interlinks different marketing strategies

Simply implementing one form of digital marketing is not nearly enough! You need a medium that can gel multiple strategies and produce productive results. That is precisely what email marketing does! Email marketing is the perfect tool to boost channels like content marketing, social media marketing, and webinars.

Content marketing in specific is one of the most crucial tactics to make optimum use of email marketing. Studies show that 87% of professional marketers (9 out of 10) use email marketing to organically share content with customers.

Easy to monitor your progress

Usually, with traditional marketing strategies, it is challenging to keep a tab on your growth. Many service providers make you pay for releasing useful analytic data. However, in the case of email marketing, you have total control over your customer’s data. You can keep close tabs on your subscriber’s intricate interests and take action to tailor your content likewise.

Besides, you can also identify active and engaging subscribers. Their inputs can help you understand where to devote your marketing resources.

Flexibility/Giving power to the audience

The problem with the majority of millennial brands is that they are too insecure! They want total control over their marketing platform. However, such luxuries often come at the expense of constricting your audience’s involvement.

On the contrary, email marketing puts your audience in the driver seat. 75% of customers prefer email marketing because of its flexible nature. Customers can easily unsubscribe from email listings if they see something they don’t like.

Ethical data collection

Optimum privacy and security – these are the two most crucial components of any standard digital marketing strategy. Sadly, that is not the case with most traditional marketing channels. Data collection is an extremely risky task that can compromise the privacy of your customer’s data. As such, users are becoming more and more skeptical about allowing companies to collect data.

In fact, the latest studies show that 78% of customers only trust their data with secure channels like email marketing. This is mainly because email marketing helps brands to tailor their experience as per their user’s requirements.