10 Reasons You Should WooCommerce

10 Reasons You Should Use WooCommerce

If you’ve been in the digital marketing scene, you may have already heard about the widely-raved plugin, WooCommerce. It is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms worldwide. So, why is it so popular? Why are so many people using the platform? Below, we’ve mentioned 10 reasons behind the popularity of WooCommerce, and why you should start using it too!

WooCommerce is Free

One of the biggest selling points of WooCommerce is that it offers its platform for free to its users. It goes without saying that the platform does offer some paid-for features and premium membership. Besides that, anyone is welcomed to use the platform for free. After all, there are many great features and plugins on WooCommerce that you can take advantage of without any fees.

Makes Your Store Easy To Use

WooCommerce comes with an array of business management tools, marketing tools, functional plugins, UI and UX features, etc. With the help of these tools, you can easily make your store user-friendly for an average user. WooCommerce tools and plugins can help you beautify your store while keeping things simple, organized and straightforward.

Designers, Marketers, Developers, and Store Owners are on the same page

From developers to designers, to store owners, and even SEO consultants, WooCommerce is highly sought-after by people from all market niches. The platform alone is handled by 30 people, with each having their own dedicated tasks of uploading new content, managing finances, updating designs, etc. 

Allows you to sell anything the way you want it

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a tech-advanced service or simply in the business of skincare, WooCommerce allows you to sell anything and everything. That’s possible due to the diverse range of plugins and tools offered by WooCommerce.

Allows you to add additional functionality

WooCommerce will function with or without added functionality or plugins. However, when you install additional plugins to your store, you can customize your store as you like and make it more functional. 

With added plugins, you can also change the way WooCommerce works. In other words, you can turn your online store into any platform you like. For instance, by installing the membership plugin in your store, you can turn it into a membership platform.

WooCommerce is an ever-evolving platform

WooCommerce may be managed by a single team. However, it receives developments and updates from a worldwide community and several dedicated contributors. As a result, WooCommerce is regularly updated. Hence, it will never go out of style!

It is intuitive and simple

WooCommerce has such an easy-to-use interface that even an average person can get on the platform and use it. You don’t have to programmers, nor do you have to take lessons on coding to make use of WooCommerce.

Highly Professional

Do you have a favourite online store you keep going back to? Why do you like it so much? Perhaps it’s the design, service, or the discounted prices! Whatever it is, if you want to recreate the same experience for your customers on your own online store, it is now possible with WooCommerce. 

So many people are using the platform too

More than 5 million stores make use of WooCommerce. This could indicate just one thing – the customer base on WooCommerce is huge. Hence, if you want to expose your store to such a huge potential customer base, you need to bring it to WooCommerce today!

We Use WooCommerce Too

There is nothing we don’t love about this eCommerce platform. It is highly versatile, user-friendly, and offers tons of functional features to build upon. YITH uses the many great plugins offered by WooCommerce to improve our site’s overall functionality and user interface, so should you!