13 Types of Emails you need to Be Sending Your Email List

Are you aware of what kind of emails to send an email list? We all know email marketing as the best method for online selling, but after growing the email list, what should you do then? Here, we will guide you with 13 kinds of emails you should send an email list.

It is an important process to gather emails and encourage website visitors to pick your list. And it is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. However, your goal is not the endless list of subscribers but to have the subscribers turn to customers.

To start with, let us review various types of emails that you need to send your list.

1. Welcoming Email

After choosing your list within 24 hours, you send an email to your subscriber known as Welcome email. This is an email that simply tells how much you appreciate them for subscribing. And then project some things they expect to get in the inbox.

2. Offer email

This email types contain coupon, discount, or some special deal. It is a good to send some kind of offers occasionally to your subscribers.

3. Surveying Email

A survey email is an email (usually sent after a couple of weeks) asking them to answer some questionnaires on the topics about your product.


However, it is not necessary to make your survey too long. You can make it simple by asking your subscribers to give a rating on how willing they are to recommend it to someone.

4. Request email

This email types is about asking a favor like a review about your site or testimonial.

5. Newsletter Email

Newsletter email is very important in the marketing campaign. So always check your newsletter as it carries helpful information, intriguing, or important content.

6. Free Gift or Free Sample Email

Adding special free gifts to your email will help in keeping your subscribers, well subscribed and engaged.

7. Value Email

This email types is simply about providing value such as some tips, blog post, or maybe some inspiration.

8. We are Hiring Email

Whenever there is a job vacancy, send an email to your subscriber asking them to suggest people whom they feel would be capable for the job. This is a way of showing that they are special and their input values to you.

9. Newly Introduced Product Email

Inform your subscribers first, when introducing or launching any new products that come in. Engaging most of your customers is through these, so it is a good way to start your deals.

10. Reorder Email

Sending out a reorder email can actually help you retain customers effectively. Especially if you are running subscription service or selling consumable goods.

11. Email Reminding Abandoned Cart

Whenever customers add items to their wishlist or shopping card, but end up abandoning it before they could even complete the purchase. Forwarding a friendly reminder email to them, saying they have not checked out. It can lead to a successful way to recover lost sales.

12. Announcement Email

When you post an event or launch any new products let your subscribers know by sending an email, making them feel special and valued. This will help grow your relation with your subscribers. 

13. Anniversary Email

A lot of marketers love to give out anniversary emails, thanking subscribers to be a part of the list. You may celebrate an anniversary with your subscriber for being 1-year of joining or being one of a million subscribers.

To conclude

In order to have your business succeed in email marketing, you need both effective emails and subscribers.