1st Parcel Direct

1st Parcel Direct – 2021 Half-Year Review

As we’re halfway through 2021, our team at Blue Whale Media has looked back on the client projects we have undertaken and the progress we’ve made with our work. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day flow of work and not look back at the work you’ve created, which is why each team member has chosen a client project they are proud of. 

One of our Web Design Apprentices, Lauren, brought the 1st Parcel Direct website to life earlier this year. 1st Parcel Direct provides national courier coverage with years of experience within the delivery industry, providing professional business-to-business and residential courier services.

Our work

1st Parcel Direct’s website is professional-looking and has an engaging design throughout every page. The overall design and colour palette are consistent with their logo to enhance brand identity throughout the website; both the design and colour palette work closely to strengthen brand awareness. Each page is clean and well laid out so that web visitors can quickly find important information that they need. Our design team included unique hover animations on buttons within the website, which, combined with navigation throughout the website, helps increase user engagement. We also included live chat features and multiple content forms throughout the website so the users can contact 1st Parcel Direct. 

Biggest Changes to the Website

The new website for 1st Parcel Direct is the perfect solution for the company to make a strong online presence. Everyone with a website should know that a strong website presence is essential. There have been many changes made to the website, but one of the most important additions is the use of hove animations on the buttons and navigation. We also included custom contact forms across many pages in order to encourage users to use the site.

Why Is Bespoke Web Design Important?

66 percent of people on the internet today prefer to see something beautifully designed versus something plain and simple. This is why your website’s design and functionality are an important part of your online presence. The impression you make of your target audience can either get them to remain on your page and learn about your business or leave your page and turn to a competitor. At Blue Whale Media, bespoke website design is our speciality, and for 1st Parcel Direct, there are many competitors within their industry. The website that Lauren and the rest of the team have designed and developed for 1st Parcel Direct will help them to showcase their brand as an industry leader. 

There are so many websites on the interweb and you as a business need to stand out from the crowd. Bespoke or customised web design is a perfect showroom for your product or service; why not come to the experts? At Blue Whale Media, our goal is to create a customer journey that builds brand awareness and converts viewers into buying customers, be that for a service or a product. Get in touch today for more information.