20 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Business Should Know

20 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Business Should Know

Social Media Marketing needs both creativeness and strategy to thrive in the market. It may appear to be hard, but we cannot ignore it.

This is proven by knowing that more than 90% of marketers use social media for their business, and almost 80% of them sell better than those brands that do not use social media.

In that light, here are 20 benefits of marketing through social media.

1. Building Brand Credit

For a brand, getting recognition is one of the most important goals in marketing. It is because customers mostly purchase from brands that are recognised. Thus, social media is an easy and effective way to build effective brand recognition to gain such status.

Compared to traditional media, social media has better odds because it can make a brand seen by consumers more easily. It can also make people notice a brand even if they may not look it up themselves.

2. Creating conversation surrounding the brand

Having a good strategy for social media marketing can help create a conversation of your brand, which can bring in positive gains in the customer base. It is an efficient method to gain a social presence.

3. Connecting through Social Listening

Social Listening is when we monitor different conversations on various social topics. This monitoring can help us understand what customers find important and classify different trends that the audience may follow.

4. Showcasing Brand Story

Through social media, brands can share their mission and stories more effectively. Such sharing can impact the image of the brand directly or indirectly, and getting feedback from customers that use the brand’s product or service will bring in positive effects.

5. Collecting customer data for research

Like social listening, customer research is also a great way to learn about customers and optimise products or services accordingly. Social media is a great way to gather such research information.

6. Providing excellent customer service 

Customers expect companies to have online or social media handling of requests. Considering such expectations, brands should also focus on their customer services no matter how demanding it may be. In the long run, this feature can help businesses have good relationships with customers and receive good feedback. 

7. Developing Brand Loyalty

Having loyal and regular customers is one of the best achievements that a brand can get. This is because it can bring in more positive exposure and also increase the likability of a brand for consumers. We can acquire brand loyalty strongly through social media influence and marketing.

8. Having direct links to a brand’s blog to increase traffic

Through social media marketing, customers can get sent directly to a brand’s website or online store. It has a lot of versatility and can generate more traffic for a site. 

Having a balanced posting schedule is best to maintain traffic as well as avoiding overbearing remarks.

9. Link Building through Social Media

Social media can, most of the time, have an indirect impact on a brand’s SEO. For example, if a consumer posts something similar to a brand’s content, add a link to their post by giving credit to the brand, this can be picked up by search engines and lead to increased traffic for the brand.

10. Most of the time, Social Media Marketing is free.

This is because creating accounts on social media platforms is free, and we can easily start posting content. And only when this becomes too little we can opt for paid promotions, which would boost the exposure.

For example, on Facebook, we can promote a business for any budget. And Facebook instantly delivers the ad to various users who may have an interest in what is being advertised. Platforms such as Twitter also work similarly.

We can save a good budget of our finances while still gaining traffic and consumer base in such ways.

11. Setting up a good topical authority.

When a brand has topical authority, they are a trusted source for information on a specific topic. This authority exists as a subgroup of content marketing, and the more relevance a brand can have on a social media platform, the more optimised it can get for SEOs

If a brand can maintain this authority on certain categories or topics, it can gain traffic more efficiently by becoming the “preferred” authority of that topic. 

For example, McDonald’s’ or Burger King has better topical authority over burgers than other brands that are not too well known.

12. Retargeting consumers through social media

Retargeting is a great method in social media marketing. This tool helps keep lists of all the customers that visit a certain site by adding anonymous cookies to their browsers. 

Once the cookies are added, the customers will see the ads of the previously visited brand on different websites. This will make the customers remember and notice the brand more often.

13. Social media marketing can help in making your content go viral.

These days, almost anything can easily go viral through social media. Knowing this, many brands have had viral campaigns over the years because social media is where most ads get shared.

With this in mind, we can expect that sharing content on social media can help to make ads go viral and bring in customers.

14. Leading consumers to convert

Through social media content, various features such as call-to-action buttons, contests, freebies, giveaways, etc., help empower the consumers, inspire them to check out a brand, and compel them to buy products from the brand. 

With social media’s help, ads can be placed directly, giving more room for trust by the consumers and eventually gain their interests.

15. Using social media to promote content

The goal is to be creative and promote products without seeming like an actual ad. This will create good impressions on the customers and help build positive feedbacks from them.

16. Interacting with consumers about familiar topics.

When a brand interacts with consumers and get involved with them, it can lead the audience to trust the brand and its products more. Through social media, brands can follow the topics or people that are or relate to them. And if a customer follows back, they have higher chances of purchasing from that brand.

17. Connecting with consumers through the use of social proof

People gravitate more towards brands that are more popular or are cared about by majorities of other people. Most of the time, nobody will go for content that most people don’t care about. 

Content can get popular only if it has some creative or original authority.

18. To get better results, utilise A/B testing.

When we present a website in different versions to different people, it is known as A/B testing. Similarly, in social media, brands can upload similar posts or content and analyse each post’s effects (to find out which one performs better). To learn more about A/B testing, contact your local web designers in Chester.

19. Properly using #hashtags to boost reach.

Using hashtags is available on almost every social platform, and it’s one of the most important tools that brands can use to reach out to people with the same interests. It’s simple but also very effective.

As long as we don’t overdo the hashtags, it can help bring in more positive traffic.

20. Keeping customers updated

In a world where almost everyone uses social media on a good time basis, its not surprising that letting customers know about new or updated products and services is best done through social media. It can help to catch attention more quickly than traditional means.