3 Ways To Make Your Web Design More Inclusive

With more people having access to the internet, inclusive design has become vital in recent years. By inclusive design, we mean designing websites, tools or browsers etc., that allows easy access to any individual. While creating a website, it is vital to keep various aspects in mind. Inclusivity is one of the main factors.

Half of the population today has access to the internet. With that, it invites people from different sections. For instance, does your design cater to the marginalized section of the society, like users with physical disabilities? As a Manchester website designer, it is crucial to have empathy and create sites that offer access to any users.  

That said, we have listed three ways to make web design more inclusive. You can check the list below:

Taking the users point of view 

One of the vital aspects of inclusive design is thinking from the user’s point of view. It means catering to people from different parts of society. With web design, too, it’s vital to design a website that offers easy access to any user.

A good web page should have a good function that is clear and easy to understand. Globalisation is at its peak, and that attracts people from different sections of society. Hence, it is vital to design a site that is flexible and accessible for any user. Easy navigation and access help users to browse at ease and allows the site to gain good traction.

Keyboard navigation

When it comes to inclusive design, you need to look into every aspect. This way, it helps users to browse with ease. And one of the factors that you need to look at is keyboard navigation. It may not seem vital, but it will be of great help to some users. Hence while designing a site, make sure that one can also navigate through a keyboard. 

There are people with different disabilities, and this navigation can impact a lot of people. Web accessibility is vital, and this navigation can ease access to some users. 

Minimalistic design

Another main aspect of having a more inclusive design is through a minimal approach. When you design a web page, it shouldn’t be too overcrowded. Make it simple and organised that it allows users to access it without any hassle. If you make a website that is too crowded, users will find it difficult to access. 

Inclusivity includes ease of accessibility to the users. A website can have a minimalistic approach with powerful functionality. In addition, it should also feel welcoming. Being inclusive is all about catering to various masses of people. Therefore, a good web design that allows people to feel at ease while browsing is essential. 


Inclusive design plays a crucial role in web designing. In recent years, there has been a major cultural shift. And it’s only necessary to create websites taking into all aspects that are deemed essential. You should be bias-free and design a site that offers inclusiveness to the users. In addition, having a good user experience also enables a website to have good traffic.