4 Reasons you should invest in a professional SEO marketing campaign

4 Reasons You Should Invest In SEO

Today, it is easier than ever for people to find what they’re looking for online. Whether they have a burst pipe and need to urgently find a local plumber, or if they’re thinking about buying a new phone and want to read up more about it – if someone wants something, they will probably search for it online.

With the average person spending a whole day each week on the internet, there is a massive importance on the ability of being found online. The internet is a massively competitive place in the digital age, and SEO is the method of battle.

In this blog, we will highlight exactly why businesses should be investing in SEO so they can be found online.

Better Quality Traffic

SEO is all about getting website traffic – but it isn’t just about the amount of users, it’s also about the quality of users. Everytime someone performs a search, Google is the matchmaker and they are trying to pair the user’s query with the best website option. Any good Liverpool SEO agency will be focused on getting better quality traffic instead of just more traffic.

What determines the quality of the traffic is all about the goals of the business and campaign. For example, an eCommerce store will want more sales, so quality traffic is traffic that converts. A blogger will want people to read through their articles, so quality traffic is traffic with high page views, etc.

Once the goals are set, it’s then up to conducting proper keyword research to find out the best avenues of opportunity to get the best quality traffic. Let’s take the eCommerce example, the best keywords to fulfil a conversion goal will be keywords such as “buy iPhone 11 online” etc. The only people searching for this keyword are people who actually want to buy the phone, not people who want to know more about it or read reviews etc – so the quality of traffic is far better as it is the most likely keyword to drive a high conversion rate.

Brand Awareness

A good SEO campaign will also grow your brand and increase brand awareness. By having your website appear in front of users for high-volume keywords, you are already growing your brand awareness – even if the user doesn’t click through to your website. They will be able to read your snippet title and description which allows them to become familiar with your brand already. 

Outside of the SERP, there are plenty of SEO practices which can also help to build your brand. These strategies include the likes of maintaining a presence on social media, getting featured on authority websites and gaining customer reviews. Not only does this help with your SEO, but it also helps to grow your brand and authority.

Build Trust

SEO allows your company and website to build trust, both with users as well as search engines.

The entire process of SEO is about building trust with search engines. If the search engine does not trust your website, why would it choose to show it to users? A sense of trust is the fundamental reason any website ranks high in the search results.

In addition to this, SEO allows a company to build trust with its users in the same way it can build awareness with practices such as collecting customer reviews, an active social media, proving you are the expert on a subject-matter etc. This allows your company to look credible in the eyes of the user in addition to the search engine.


As I pointed out in the first paragraph, the internet is a very competitive market for businesses. If you aren’t investing in SEO, then you can be sure that most – if not all – of your competitors are.

Any good SEO campaign includes active competitor research to ensure your company is doing everything it can to outperform your competitors – whether that’s emulating a successful strategy, seeing what your competitors are doing and figuring out how to do it better, or doing something that your competitor hasn’t done yet.

No matter what you do people are going to be searching for your products or services, if your website isn’t there to be clicked then they will simply click through to your competitor’s website.