4 Ways To Brand Your Social Media

Social Media isn’t just for personal use; businesses can benefit massively from it. As an expert Warrington Marketing agency, our Social Media Management service is a popular one, to say the least. Sharing content online allows you to represent your brand and get your name out there. Building up your social media can take some time and work, but it could also gain you a sale. If your business social media profiles need a little spring clean, then take note of these four steps.

Fully Updating Your Profiles

Before you start publishing any content onto your social media platforms, you need to make sure you know what accounts you will be publishing too. This means deleting and old or unused accounts and focusing on the ones you want your customers to see. For the platforms you will be using, you need to make sure all the information is accurate and informative. Make sure your office address is correct, your opening times, your website URL, your bio and your branding. This will help to build traffic to your social media accounts and create that professional image to potential customers.

Content Your Customers Like

People excel in different aspects of social media. Whether you can make amazing high-quality videos, take hot off the press pictures or just have creative ideas to showcase your services, there’s always something you can post on social media. The best way to see what content you should be publishing is to listen to your followers. What type of content got the best response? What type of content represents your branding the most? The more unique and personalised content you have, the more you can create an account that people recognise.

Customised Graphics

Sharing content that gets a lot of response is great, but you want people to know that it’s your company. Including graphics in your posts cannot make the status more eye-catching but it also gives people a bit more information. As we all know, when you’re on social media you scroll through faster than lighting, and it’s more the pictures that make you read on. A customised graphic can take this to the next level as putting your branding all over it will make it unique to you and also means no one else can steal it. Whether it be putting your logo in the corners of images, using your colour scheme or having a fully customised graphic that represents your branding style. This can relate to both images and videos.

Share And Publish Regularly

To make your social media take off, you need to be posting content regularly. This means not once a week, but every day. This helps the people who follow you be constantly reminded of your services and have your presence there all the time. You need to keep the lines of communication open to your customers but not in an annoying way in which you post any old thing. In addition to this, it’s also useful to share other people’s content and get involved in the relevant sectors. This again shows you’re not just in it for you, but you like to be present in the community.

Your Social Media Starts Now

Keeping up your business social media accounts can work wonders for you, but we also understand that not every business has the time to do so. At Blue Whale Media, we have a team of Social Media gurus who specialise in every social media platform you can think of. Not to mention our graphic designers who can create the high-quality images for you as well. Talk to our team today by contacting us on 01925 552050. Social Media is waiting for you!

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