5 Festive Marketing Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

5 Festive Marketing Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Planning actually has its perks when it comes to marketing. With Christmas being such a busy time for everyone, planning your festive marketing early will prevent your business from going under. With promotional campaigns and re-designs, it is important to start early! If you need some ideas on how to begin your festive marketing without breaking the bank, then carry on reading this blog.

Decorate your social media channels

Just like decorating your house for Christmas, it is also important to decorate your social channels to show your followers you are ready for the festive season. You don’t need to do anything too extravagant to decorate; you could design and upload a festive header or profile picture or edit your posts using a festive theme.

Create a festive hashtag

A proven way to get people talking about your brand is to create a unique hashtag. Popular hashtags will definitely increase engagement with your posts on Twitter and Instagram, but creating a unique festive hashtag could stimulate a viral campaign.

Hold a competition

Whether big or small, holding any competition will generally generate a buzz around your business and your social media channels. The reason anyone usually enters any competition is to win the prize, so, with any competition, you need to offer something in return to the winner, for example; a gift card, a discount or a gift. Promote the competition to all of your social media platforms and make one of the rules being that they need to share the post to enter. This way, the post will reach more people, meaning more exposure for your company.

Festive blog posts

Blogs are always a good marketing tool to increase your SEO and something your followers would appreciate. If you don’t already have a blog set up, it is easy to do so. Make your blog festive-themed to increase engagement. Once you have completed it, share posts with links to the blog on your social media platforms.

Send a holiday greeting card

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses and is free or very cheap to create one and send. Send your festive designed email from your business email to ensure that you look as professional as possible. MailChimp.com is a good tool to use to create and send your email marketing. It allows you to customise your own templates, sync your contacts, and send newsletters. You could include; a countdown to an important