5 off-page SEO methods to increase your website domain authority

Off-page SEO: 5 Methods to Increase your Website Domain Authority

Off-page SEO techniques play an important role in your site’s visibility and trustworthiness. In this article, our experts for SEO in Warrington will be talking about some of the ways that you can increase website domain authority with the help of off-page SEO.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO basically refers to the activities outside your website that determines how you perform in the search engine result pages. If your website is optimised for off-page SEO, your page will enjoy good rankings, trustworthiness and most importantly, it will improve your site’s authority. However, it is important that you have a strong off-page SEO as it can determine where you rank in the SERPs.

Here are the five off-page SEP techniques that can increase your website domain authority:

Create Valuable Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the main parts of off-page SEO and play an important role in your site’s ranking. As a matter of fact, it is the number one factor for Google to determine your website’s ranking. So, if your website has more backlinks than your competitor, Google will likely rank your site higher within the SERPs. 

But remember, it’s not only the quantity that matters. Google will also take the quality of your backlinks into account. So, make sure that the pages that provide links to your site are reliable.

Social Media Marketing

With social media becoming an important part of our life, we can see the growing importance of social media marketing in off-page SEO. Many websites are now using social media to extend their reach among valuable customers. Besides increasing the number of clicks on your new content, social media marketing can also be a great source for backlinks.

While Google hasn’t confirmed that backlinks from social media affect SEO, they did mention that the search engine crawls through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Data.

Guest Content

Besides backlinks, providing third party websites with some good guest content is another excellent way to increase your domain authority. The content piece could be a “how to” tutorial video or blog, something that can capture the reader’s attention. This way, you can get the exposure you need to increase your brand awareness amongst valuable customers. 

Always remember to be careful when you choose the websites you want to target. Make sure that the guest content appears on websites that are trustworthy and also relevant to the audience you want to target.

Posting on Forums

Forum sites are sites where people come together to have meaningful conversations on an online platform. If you’re able to exploit these sites correctly, you can enjoy several benefits for your online store. 

Posting on a forum allows you to get the exposure you need, have a better understanding of what your customers want, and talk to potential customers.

Local Listings

Local listings or local SEO has always been a popular off-page SEO technique. When you submit your business on local listings, it will appear when users perform a search based on their location. If you can execute this technique correctly, it can effectively increase your revenue, site traffic, rankings and also your brand’s reputation.