5 Real Seasonal Marketing Ideas

With all the important holidays coming up: Black Friday, Christmas, Summer Sales, etc. the list goes on and on and it can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. These are the occasions where we marketeers need to strike! Holiday’s are the times that drive a lot of traffic, are you doing your bit to help?


Building Up Your Email List

One of our first tips would be to build up your email list beforehand. This ensures that you’re targeting the right clients for your seasonal marketing. If you know certain customers will enjoy specific holidays then it is important to include them in your email marketing list. Black Friday is a great example, you can some people early access to your Black Friday Discount event. This will enhance the exclusivity and make people feel like a VIP.

Seasonal Product Categories

Another example could be to promote seasonal product categories. Are you able to relate your services or products to the season or specific holiday? Can you create a gift guide for Christmas or relate your product/ services to travelling in the summer? This is a great way to engage your customers on your social media platforms. It creates immediacy within your campaigns, as some of the holidays only come round once a year.

Are you able to create special edition products or offers? The idea of a limited time product that will never be around again is a way to apply pressure to the client to get them to purchase with less hesitation. This also gives you a period of time to promote your exclusive product.


Following from creating immediacy within campaigns, try including a countdown on your social media posts or on your website. The countdown can be until the day of the holiday or when you are releasing your new seasonal product or even when your sale/ offer is ending. This creates gentle pressure within your marketing campaigns to get your client to act on their impulses and to complete a purchase as they believe they’re against a clock. No one wants to feel like they’re running out of time, this is why showcasing a countdown is a gentle reminder to make sure clients go through with their purchases because if they leave it too long then they might miss out on the exclusive offer.

This can also be a great way to promote an event, such as a sale, ahead of time to create anticipation. This will keep people coming back to your website and social media platforms.

Daily Offers/Giveaway

Can you create a campaign to help bring customers back to your social media each day? Why not promote 12 days of Christmas giveaway? Or a week of“spooktacular” deals before Halloween? This is a fantastic way to get your customers to feel like you’re doing something for them. You can create a whole marketing campaign around this. You can promote it ahead of time on your social media, send reminder emails to customers and include an advertisement banner on your website. As long as this is created with plenty of time before the offers go live then this is an easy way to create content for your social media platforms.

Update Everything!

Now is the perfect time to update all elements of your digital business! Update your social media bios and profile pictures to make sure you’re keeping on track with your branding. Does your website have any checkout issues or glitches in general? It’s time to do some spring cleaning and fix up any issues your customers may come across when visiting your site. This can be a huge put off for customers and can make them go off your site as soon as they visit. Get everything up to scratch before the rush of any seasonal holidays.
With all these tips and ideas in mind, it is important to enjoy the holidays by planning in advance for any seasonal content you wish to post. Make sure you are doing your part by promoting your services/ products in any seasonal appropriate way on your website/ social media.

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