5 Useful Plug-ins/Extensions for Adobe

Mister Horse – Premiere Pro and After Effects compliant extensions

Mister Horse - Premiere Pro and After Effects extension

Mister Horse is an online site where you can download the programme, that allows you to use and work with tools that aid in the creation of your videos. It is an add-on that you access within your editing programme, which hosts and runs its own extensions such ranging from motion and text presets to shape elements and special effects. 

This extension provides a great and useful add-on that can be used to give your videos that extra flare and professional finish. Some of the extensions that Mister Horse provides are free, others are paid for, another reason for the appeal with this specific extension as it can cater for those on a budget and those who may have more finances to play with.

Here is an example from the Mister Horse website (https://misterhorse.com/) of how the software looks within the editing system of Adobe.

Motion Bro – Premiere Pro and After Effects compliant extensions

Motion Bro is another extension that can be downloaded from it’s official website https://motionbro.net/#download. This extension can be downloaded through Adobe Creative Cloud and also does provide some free presets. For the more advanced add-ons such as the Toko Graphic Pack 4.0 there will be an additional cost and, similarly to Mister Horse, these extensions are accessed through the Adobe video software you are editing with. Motion Bro provides presets for a vast amount of different effects and tools that can be used within Adobe, from sound effects and transitions to social media graphic packs and even After Effects training (which is free!) Here’s just some of the presets available to you.

Motion Bro Premiere Pro and After Effects extension
Magic Bullet Colorista III Premiere Pro and After Effects extension

Magic Bullet Colorista III – Premiere Pro and After Effects compliant extensions

This plug-in is another useful tool for video editing. Specifically designed for professional colour correction Magic Bullet Colorista III can be bought and downloaded from Maxon (https://www.maxon.net/en/red-giant-complete/magic-bullet-suite/colorista) and then accessed through Adobe when editing, just like the previous plug-ins, meaning you don’t have to leave the Adobe app to do any colour correction or use this tool. This software is one of the more expensive plug-ins, so is definitely aimed more towards the professional clientele, as opposed to the casual video creator.

NewBlue Stabilizer – Premiere Pro compliant extension

This plug-in for Premiere is incredibly useful when trying to reduce camera shake. Not everyone can afford tracks, dollies or steadicams to help reduce the camera shake when filming, or even just forgetting pieces of equipment can cause you having to just rely on handheld camera work. NewBlue Stabilizer can stableise artificially and lead to your handheld footage having a smoother and cleaner finish. Though Adobe Premiere Pro does have a stabiliser effect already, NewBlue is more advanced and allows you to do more with the editing process, working to a higher standard, and can be bought from https://newbluefx.com/products/essentials/stabilizer/.

NewBlue Stabilizer premiere pro extension
Video Copilot – Element 3D V2.2 After Effects extension

Video Copilot – Element 3D V2.2 – After Effects compliant extension

Element 3D V2.2 is a plug-in from Video Copilot that allows you to edit and work with 3D objects, animating them and giving your video more texture, substance and realistic feel to it. This product is key when working with Motion Design and Visual Effects as it provides tools and effects that can help create fantastic visuals for your videos and the product is built in such a way that anyone could use this extension easily, from beginner to professional. Like all the other plug-ins mentioned above, this is an extension that can be accessed through the software you are using, in this case, Adobe After Effects.

Video Copilot’s Element 3D V2.2 is again another one of the expensive plug-ins on this list, but just like the rest, the results are always worth it if you want to advance and develop your video, motion graphics and visual effects work. The extension can be bought from https://www.videocopilot.net/products/element2/.