5 Ways to Increase Your Domain Authority Score

A good Domain Authority (DA) Score increases your website’s chances of ranking better on search engines. A higher DA Score is not impossible to reach. Strengthening your content strategy is basic to a better DA Score. Domain Authority (DA) Score is a standard set by Moz to determine the ranking capacity of a website on search engines including Google. A website can score anywhere between 1 and 100.

A greater number indicates a greater likeliness of the website to rank well on search engines.

How Domain Authority Score Works?

Moz’s algorithm for calculating DA Score takes into account several link-based parameters, including total link strength, MozRank and MozTrust. MozRank ranks a webpage depending on the number of inbound links to the page from external webpages and the MozRank of these external webpages.

MozTrust tells how trustworthy your website is by examining the reliability of its inbound links.

Why Should I Worry about Domain Authority Score?

You should, if you want your website to rank well on search engines, receive traffic, and achieve expected results for your business. A bigger score is an indication that you are on the right track while an unfavourable score warns you to rethink your SEO strategies.

For good DA scores, choose a professional SEO Manchester agency. With proven link-building strategies, a SEO Manchester company can boost your DA scores and raise your search engine ranking.

How to Build your DA Score

A good DA Score depends on the quality of your inbound links. Improve your inbound link quality, and thus your DA Score, in the following ways:

Have an Effective SEO Process in Place

A strong SEO is key to a strong DA Score. Have an efficient process that takes care of all basic SEO aspects, including meta tags, headers, website navigation, image tags, and URL descriptions.

Create Content that Attracts Trusted Links

Good quality content is key to generating more inbound links from trustworthy sources. Create content in the form of articles, how-to guides, videos, infographics and podcasts. The content should serve a purpose for your audience by being either informative or entertaining.

A professional SEO Manchester agency can help you boost your DA Score with a powerful content strategy specific to your business and audience.

Use Social Media for Content Sharing

Social networking platforms come with a huge DA score. Take advantage of this fact by sharing content on these sites. Add social sharing buttons to your webpages to encourage content sharing by visitors. Your content will reach a large audience while increasing the likeliness of achieving a better DA Score.

Build your Internal Links

Create links between pages of your website. This method creates strong internal links that are easily picked up by search engines. Internal links also benefit your visitors by directing them to relevant pages so that they do not miss any valuable information.

Check your Backlinks Regularly

Check your backlink sources as regularly as once every month. Check link sources and verify their authenticity. If backlink sources seem to be spammy or have suspicious content unrelated to your website, remove them. Keep your backlink profile clean and healthy.

 Content is key to improving your DA Score. Bettering your DA Score is a continuous process. Monitor your results constantly and refine content strategies accordingly for consistent success.

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