The top 7 trends of social media marketing you can't ignore in 2020.

7 Social Media Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

Social media marketing has become one of the most potent and most effective tools to influence the masses. Within the past few years, the usage of social media has increased drastically. To be precise, there is an increase of over 60% in the past four years. This means that a social media advertisement post will now reach about a ten times larger audience. The rapid and continuous growth of social media means that the different trends applicable to the platforms change. In this article, we will be discussing 7 different social media marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2020. Read on to know more!

Video is the new normal

Videos are everywhere, and everyone loves them. They are a lot more informative than photos, and there is an endless possibility of creativity in a video. More than 70% of customers will choose to watch a video about the product they are going to buy. Furthermore, the chances of a brand video being watched are more than 50 times higher than a standard video. People also spend more time on websites that have video content on them. Therefore stop wasting time and start investing it in creating video content for your social media. See how a video production service can help you.

Stories are in fashion

To be simple, stories are 24-hour content on a social media platform. These uploads destroy themselves after a 24-hour format. Snapchat launched this concept, and since the year 2016, there has been an increase of over 800% in its popularity. You can call it a video news feed. Businesses have hopped onto this trend, and now stories by them are the most viewed ones. Don’t wait and jump onto it as well, or you’ll miss a big opportunity.

Influencers influence

As social media usage is booming, so is the popularity and reach of influencers. Each influencer has its fan base that trusts them a lot. Customers will naturally believe in someone they trust more than an advertisement. Furthermore, the returns on influencer investment have increased up to 5 times. So, think about it!

Augmented reality is the future

In new pandemic situations, product launches, services, concerts, and much more are being held in augmented reality. Using present technology, a customer can do a hands-on review of a product before physically receiving it. Facebook and a lot of other platforms are promoting it by providing the required tools. Please don’t wait for your competitors to mesmerize their customers; take the first step!

Bots seem more human now

Everyone has a busy schedule in 2020. Nobody has the time to call up customer service and go through IVR responses. People tend to chat more; thereby, chatbots are gaining immense popularity. They can resolve 90% issues effectively while cutting down 30% costs, installing them is a no-brainer.

Social commerce will take over

There has been an increase of 3 times in the number of social media shoppers and purchases. Furthermore, a staggering 80% of people visit e-commerce platforms after being redirected from social media. This means social commerce is going to be the first step and e-commerce the second.

Social media might see stagnant growth

People are becoming health conscious day by day. At times they blame their digital time spent on bad physical and mental health. There might be social media withdrawals, nearly 10%. Nevertheless, it will not go away.