Our top seven tips for UX-focused website design

7 Tips for UX Web Design

User experience gives the user the emotions and personal feeling with the system’s interface. UX generally provides the interaction between human and the computer. Solid UX design will not only strengthen your business but will give the customer a satisfying experience. 

Importance of UX Design

UX Design keeps your customers engaged with great interest in your product. Most visitors give a flying visit to your website, and this could be your potential customer if your UX Design can connect with just a few seconds of scanning. It increases the chance to stand out in the trend and boost your income.

Know your Audience.

Understand your targeted audience’s needs and requirements, which is the most crucial step before designing any websites. Thorough research and all the data gathered will make your task on creating a successful UX website.

Pay attention to your designing patterns

A website design pattern is one of the valuable and practical tools most designers prefer. 

Using the correct elements like slide shows, tabs position, and other details will improve your website’s overall UX designing views.

Make your website “scannable”

Most customers will scan the website within the first few seconds and decide to stay or exit. Here is where your website’s graphics, themes, colour plays a vital role. 

Using an attractive video, demos, announcements, and images will enhance your website’s overall look. User-focused design is an essential component for any website designers.

Is your website reliable?

Customers get easily annoyed when the website takes forever to load. Frequent maintenance of the website, unwanted website redirections, multiple window pop-ups, and unstructured arrangement of the website are factors that visitors dislike. 

Your website should only focus on the product you aim to deliver to the customers. The unwanted element will push away your potential customers and will result in a decrease in your revenue.

Is it convincing enough?

Is your website convincing enough to retain the visitors and turn them into a purchaser? With good UX design practices, it is possible to maintain a convenient and straightforward element and process to interact with the visitors. It is possible by knowing the customer’s needs in the first place.


Good UX website designing needs a good investment. You can hire a good website designer as an investment to design your webpage to give your customer a satisfied UX designing experience. 

You may not get the result instantly, but there is a surety of growth and a good rate of return worth of all your investment.

Website Testing

Website testing is the most crucial step a web designer from London cannot skip. This phase will let you know which area and segments to improve if required. 

A/B testing, also known as multivariate or split testing, is mainly done to compare different page sections. This testing determines the best statistics version like bounce rate and conversion rate.


For your business to flourish, focussing on UX website design is essential. We should be flexible enough to alter the web design as per the user’s choice and preference.

We believe the above tips were helpful and informative enough to help you start your UX web designing.