The top typography and font trends within website design

7 Typography Trends in Web Design

The art of typography is not just about picking pretty looking typefaces; it is also about how you use them. One of the main purposes of every website is to be read. So if you focus only on what you’re saying and not on how you’re saying it, your online business will fail.

Here are 7 typography trends in our world of web design in Stockport that you should use if you want your website to work:

Use Bold 

Bold is undeniably the most used text for primary web design. It highlights the headings pretty well. Most people will agree that a web design without bold letters looks almost blunt and boring. Though it is a simple element, using bold can greatly impact the readability of your article.

Bring out the best with Serifs fonts

Serifs fonts have been on the rise in recent years. The elegant titles and headings, particularly from their fonts like Minion and Calluna, are proving all the naysayers wrong. 

Web designers love using Serifs fonts to give a minimalist and elegant look for websites. 

Keep it plain and simple with text

Industries like journalism and many others highly depend on visuals to please their audience. However, this method is yet to downgrade the importance of simple texts in modern web design.

Justin Jackson, a prominent blogger, considers texts and words as the most powerful tool for web design. Yes, web design is not easy if you’re only using words. However, if you do it right, your readers will barely notice the absence of pictures.

Consider using monospace

Monospace fonts are an incredible typeface that can add a certain character to your website. The use of this font in web design is an emerging trend that plays a major role in a site’s design.

Monospace fonts are especially good for a brutalist design that ignores the set rules of standard web design. So if you want to give your visitors a memorable experience, consider adding monospace.

Capture attention with highlighted texts

It is very common for your readers to simply scan through your site without reading each and every word. So an important typography trend you should follow is using text highlights.

Highlighting the important words will give your readers an idea about your website simply by scanning it. 

Mix it up with horizontal and vertical text

One of the emerging trends in typography is the use of horizontal and vertical texts. This is one of the trends that will literally turn heads. 

Using horizontal and vertical texts creates a white space and gives a stunning effect. Of course, your navigational texts will remain horizontal for the sake of functionality.

Scatter Text

The last trend that we see a lot lately is what we call scattered text. This is one of the riskier trends because if you don’t apply it carefully, you risk sacrificing your site’s readability.


Thus that’s all the 7 typography trends that you need to know about. Pick any one of the trends that you think fits your business and apply them accordingly.