8 Creative Ways to Add Christmas Spirit to Your Social Media

On top of filling your store with Christmas décor, you ought to think about creating content around the festive theme. Social media activity influences your sales. What better way to spread the cheer than through the various platforms? Social media is the first place your clients visit if they want more information about your products and services. Welcome them with some Christmas cheer to put them in the mood, and best believe that he/she will make a purchase.

Here are some creative ways to add the Christmas spirit to your social media pages.

Profile and Cover Pictures

Your profile picture represents the personality of your business. For most, it is usually their logo. Get your design team together or engage Marketing Agency Warrington to add some Christmas effect on your profile picture. Even if it is just a Christmas tree or Santa’s hat, trust me, it contributes to the spirit. For your cover photo, use one of the seasons-offer posters. Imagine it as a billboard.

Create Christmas Offers

Make the majority of your posts during the season about the deals you have. Also, ensure you have a timeline for these offers, maybe the whole of December to till after New Year. Most businesses combine the two. The offer can take various forms such as discounts, free shipping, buy one get one free, redeeming loyalty points, etc. Marketing Agency Warrington will help you with the best ones for your brand.

Customer Engaging Posts

You can create posts asking people how they feel about Christmas or their expectations. Get to know your customers a little bit better at the same time, starting a conversation that leads to a discussion. Depending on your customer base, Marketing Agency Warrington will help you with ideas on such.

Send out a Christmas Message

Another way of spreading the festive spirit is by coming up with a heartfelt message to send out to your customers. With that, go beyond social media and even send it to them via text.

Hold a Contest

Contests are another way to build customer engagement and relationships. You can ask them an open-ended question that relates to Christmas and post the answers. The one with the highest number of likes gets to win. Marketing Agency Warrington has some insightful ideas on such matters.

Gifting Ideas

Finding gifts for your loved ones is the most hectic part of Christmas for many people. Your audience will appreciate it when you give them content around gifting. Better yet, use your products to create gift hampers as a marketing idea through the help of Marketing Agency Warrington. They’ll help you pair them up in the best way possible.

Organize an Event

Think about how much social media traction a Christmas themed event will garner. You don’t have to do it alone. Get a couple of brands and partner with them to give your consumers experience. You can also sponsor one. Let Marketing Agency Warrington assist you in marketing such an event.

Make Someone’s Wish Come True

Here’s a thoughtful idea, let people DM you what they secretly wish they had, from your store, of course, and fulfil someone’s dream.

Spreading the Christmas spirit goes a long way in solidifying customer relationships and creating buzz around your brand.

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