8 Reasons Web Hosting Is Beneficial For Business Websites

8 Reasons Web Hosting Is Beneficial For Business Websites 

Web hosting is a service that enables you to store and publish website files so that people can access them on the internet. It is an essential element to help you launch and maintain a website.

To run a professional website for businesses, you’ll need to opt for a reputable hosting provider, such as Blue Whale Media, Bluehost, or Hostinger UK. Doing so gives you many advantages that can eventually generate more site traffic.

To help you gain a deeper understanding, this article will go over the eight reasons hosting a website is beneficial for businesses. Let’s begin!

1. Improved Site Performance 

Website performance refers to the loading speed of your site, affecting how users see your brand or business. It’s a crucial indicator of how credible your website is. 

A high-performing website will benefit your business in many ways, such as reducing bounce rates, increasing conversions, and improving customer retention. In contrast, a slow loading site will lead to a poor user experience, resulting in lower website traffic.

With a professional web hosting service, the provider can offer better resources for businesses. For example, Hostinger offers the latest LiteSpeed technology and a 99.9% uptime guarantee in all of their plans. That way, you can avoid downtime and make your business site accessible 24/7.

Screenshot of the Hostinger web host company website

Additionally, many web hosting services provide unlimited bandwidth, letting your site handle traffic spikes without compromising performance. Providers like Hostinger also have a built-in cache manager, enabling faster website load times.

Enhanced Security

Due to increasing cyber threats, website security is becoming a significant priority for all businesses. Even in 2021, companies experienced 50% more cyber attack attempts per week compared to 2020.

Aside from that, an unsecured website can make you lose customer trust and damage your brand image. That’s because, if you run an online store, users are less willing to conduct transactions on a risky website.

Cyber security - secure website hosting

One of the best ways to protect your customers’ data is by using a professional hosting provider. It can give you various built-in security measures, such as free SSL certificates, auto-updates, and DDoS protection.

Moreover, professional web hosting services have their own dedicated system engineers who are experts in fixing security issues. This will help you to focus on tasks that grow your business, like establishing an effective marketing strategy

Better SEO Opportunities

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving your business’s online presence in search results, resulting in increased organic web traffic. Many factors affect your SEO performance, including the quality of your web hosting service. 

Since search engines like Google use page speed as a ranking factor, web hosting becomes crucial. This means faster business websites will have better SEO rankings. Other factors that affect your website SEO are security and uptime, which can be improved by choosing a professional web hosting service. 

Besides that, good web hosting gives you complete control over your SEO strategy, such as editing the site structure, meta descriptions, and web page URLs.

Whitehat SEO opportunities

Aside from choosing the right web host, remember to implement SEO strategies that will maximise your efforts. For example, conduct keyword research and regularly publish high-quality blog posts on your website to attract the target audience and drive traffic.

Customised Email Address

A professional web host can offer branded email addresses, enabling you to create a domain-based email for your business. 

For example, if your business website’s domain is example.com, your email address will be [email protected] instead of [email protected]. As this looks more professional, it will increase your business credibility and improve customer trust.

Custom email address structure

Note that some providers may provide only one email address, while others give you unlimited domain-based emails. For instance, SiteGround offers free unlimited branded email addresses with their hosting plan.

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Besides that, some web hosting solutions also come with email management software. This will help you streamline email tasks using automation, such as responding to customer queries or sending email marketing campaigns.


When choosing a professional web hosting company, you may worry about maintenance and renewal costs. However, many web hosting services are available where you can opt for a plan suitable for your business needs and budget. 

There are also different types of web hosting to choose from at various price points. For instance, if you are about to start a small business site, choosing a shared hosting plan is a more cost-effective choice than a virtual private server (VPS) hosting plan.

Cloud website hosting graphic

Furthermore, with a professional web hosting service, you don’t need to worry about web server maintenance and security. This reduces costs since you won’t need to hire dedicated IT staff or administrators to manage your server.


One of the best advantages of selecting a good web host is the flexibility to expand your server resources, such as storage and bandwidth. These are vital aspects to consider when you want to scale your business website.

With that in mind, highly scalable web hosting plays a huge role in growing small businesses. For example, a small business may require low bandwidth and storage to begin with, but as the business grows, it’ll require more resources due to higher website traffic.

24/7 Technical Customer Support

Even if you use the best web hosting service, you may come across an issue or error once in a while. Just a small website glitch can affect your business, disrupting the customer experience and resulting in customer and revenue loss.

For that reason, finding a provider with round-the-clock technical support is crucial as it ensures your website runs smoothly. This enables you to ask for assistance anytime to fix issues, install upgrades, or retrieve data.

24/7 customer support for web hosting

To ensure your peace of mind, we recommend choosing a web hosting provider that offers:

  • Quick response and resolution times – the support team should respond to you promptly and take no longer than 24 hours to solve a standard issue.
  • Various contact options – this enables you to reach the agents via email, live chat, or phone.
  • Multilingual teams – it helps you to communicate your problems clearly to find the best solution.

Data Recovery

Another great benefit of using a reliable web host is it offers data recovery solutions to keep your content safe. Many professional hosting services come with automated backups, enabling you to recover quickly from unexpected situations.

For example, suppose you accidentally delete some website files or become a victim of a cyber attack. In that case, it is possible to quickly restore lost data without disrupting business operations.

Website backup and data recovery

Having proper data recovery solutions is crucial, as losing data can be detrimental to your brand image. On top of the costs of retrieving lost data, a damaged business reputation requires you to spend more expenses to reverse the issue.  


Choosing professional web hosting services will help grow your business in the long run. By hiring a web host to run and manage the server, your website can operate smoothly and be accessible to visitors.

To summarise, here are the benefits of using a reliable web hosting provider:

  1. Improved site performance – increases conversions and improves the customer experience.
  2. Greater security – ensures data protection through various security measures.
  3. Better SEO performance – gives you control over SEO practices, from editing the site structure to URLs.
  4. Branded email address – allows you to personalise the email address based on your domain name.
  5. Cost-effective – provides various hosting plans to suit your needs and budget. 
  6. High scalability – enables you to increase server resources as the site grows.
  7. Dedicated customer support – assists you in fixing any issues.
  8. Data recovery – restores all your data quickly without compromising website performance.

We hope this article helps you find the best web hosting solution for your business website. Good luck!