Top 8 areas to focus on when optimising your website

It is crucial to ensure that your website captures the attention of readers and gains enough traffic. If your site attracts a considerable number of consumers, then you will increase conversion rates, and your brand awareness rises significantly. Web Design Warrington recommends the following tactics for ensuring that you optimize your website.

Create a mobile-friendly site

The first strategy to ensure that your site has traffic is ensuring that your users can access it through any device. Ensure your website can adapt to mobile, desktop or tablet. You can guarantee it is achieved by:

  • Making use of short but precise meta titles that are easier to be viewable on mobile devices.
  • Eliminate pop-ups in your site-they cover your entire content, and the users cannot access your content through mobile devices.
  • Create short articles that are easy to read on mobile devices.

Maximise your website speed

If your website takes a longer period to load it will bore the readers, and they will turn to other web pages. Ensure your web page can load as fast as possible by using the following tactics:

  • Cut down HTTP requests such as CSS, images, and scripts.
  • Compress your file to reduce file size.
  • Ensure that JavaScript and CSS load simultaneously.
  • Minimize plugins, images, and redirects.
  • Ensure the response server time is efficient.
  • Select a reliable hosting site.

Content marketing

Content marketing is another way to optimize your website. Create engaging, exciting and informative content around your niche. Additionally, you can write on topics revolving around trending topics. Web Design Warrington states that content marketing is one of the best strategies for optimizing your website.

Improve user experience on the website

Ensure that your website is user-friendly. The content displayed should be reliable, credible and valuable. Additionally, your site should be easy to navigate and should contain desirable features that capture the attention of the readers.


If you want your website to be more discoverable ensure that other sites provide hyperlinks to your page. Ensure that you obtain links from reliable and high authority sites.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO entails using the right keywords, headlines, meta tags and URL to ensure that your website is optimized. Using keywords appropriately provides that your page ranks high in Google. Select long tail keywords and use them naturally and sparingly in your text. Web Design Warrington can give you tips on better keyword placement.


Schema, when added to any web document, creates a desirable effect. You can incorporate schema when designing recipes, videos, reviews and product descriptions in your site.

Off-page SEO

It involves optimizing your website by the use of external methods such as guest blogging, influencer marketing, social media platforms marketing and brand mentions.


The above tips will assist your website in ranking better on Google. Additionally, if you want your brand to increase its conversion rates and become more recognizable, it is essential to incorporate the above. You can rely on Web Design Warrington for guidance in optimizing your blog.

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