9 different type of email marketing campaigns

9 Different Types Of Email Marketing Campaigns That You Are Missing Out On

Starting an email marketing campaign for your business requires a lot of strategic tactics and calculations. You can’t be carefree with your campaign and expect it to flourish just like that. There are a variety of email marketing campaigns out there for different businesses. But we are compiling a list of the nine best types that are available for your company. It isn’t a definitive list, so you can take and strategize the ones that best complement your business.

Welcoming Email Series

This tactic isn’t that common but effective. You will require one when you gain a new subscriber. You can start by educating them about your brand and its purpose. Some instances of the things you should include are Introduction and fulfilment, inviting them to your social utility, and getting to know them. You can ask them about themselves and how they found you.

Avoid taking too long in contacting your new subscriber because there is a high possibility for you to end up in the spam section. Why? Because they sometimes forget about signing up. Make sure to wow them, showcase your brand, and send them a gift as a sign of appreciation.

Standard Promotional Campaign

This email marketing campaign is the most common, but you can always add some spice to it. Instead of sending ten varying on-off emails, try putting your focus and effort into one. You can provoke emotions, add humor, keep them curious, offer a free item, utilize slogans available on popular music, and utilize fonts, colors, and images to capture their attention.

Seasonal Campaign

With a seasonal campaign, you will have to prepare before the special day hits. It can be Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other occasion. There should be a build-up of these emails before the day drops. Holiday sales tend to make about 20% of all retail sales. First, you have to be aware of the celebrated holidays in your country and proceed to segment the list.

Make it a priority to start your preparations early because people are always busy during the holiday season. The language and colors should match the holiday’s theme. Also, make sure to offer exclusive discounts and offer everything at a limited time frame to entice your customers.

Triggered Email Series

You can trigger multiple relevant and targeted emails through a user’s action by utilising automated email marketing. It may be because they pressed on a link present in one of the emails inside your series of promotional emails. It could also be because they placed an item in their cart but left without checking out. They may have purchased something, downloaded contents, or did a survey.

Whatever the case may be, they did trigger the drip campaign, which they are now present in. According to a “2013 National Client Email Report” by DMA, email revenue up to 75% has its generation via triggered campaigns instead of the 1-size-fits-all type of promo campaigns.

Post-Purchase Drip

This email series is sent mainly as a follow up for a purchase and not necessarily for selling. For instance, let’s assume that you purchased a new kitchen gadget. Here, the savvy email marketer will utilize automated email marketing to send emails, which reinforces your decision to make that purchase and helps create brand loyalty.

For instance, one email may offer you tips on cleaning and caring for your gadget, while another email might be a recipe to test the gadget, and the list goes on. It helps build a bond of trust and loyalty between the customers and the brand.

Connecting Through Social Campaign

This campaign tends to cross channels from email to social media and right back into email again. It works in engaging people within their newsfeed, which can be Facebook, Instagram, etc. We will take the example of the kitchen gadget again here. A social campaign may utilise email marketing to pin pictures of the different recipes that the gadget made to social platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Technically, we won’t call it a campaign as it is indefinite. A newsletter consists of daily communication between two parties, i.e., you and the list. So, it can be seen as a smart email. Newsletter offers real service to the subscribers and isn’t something that they get tired of. The subscribers will always remain posted on the product updates. It will also educate and entertain them.

Abandoned Cart Series

There are a ton of abandoned carts in online stores, where users leave without checking out. These emails tend to provide incentives, such as discounts. In this way, the company encourages users to complete the payment process. These emails possess higher conversions and open rates but are mostly fitting for experienced companies and not beginners. However, it should be under every company’s radar.

Re-Engagement Campaign

This campaign consists of a list of emails that are sent to all the inactive subscribers. The churning rate of email stands at 25-30% for every year. It is perfectly normal because people tend to change their emails, and businesses change their names. Let us assume that a segment or part of your list didn’t open your email for six months.

Here, the re-engagement campaign is making an effort to bring back these old subscribers or determining if they are re-engageable or not. It is best to remove them as they are dead weight. Also, by not opening and engaging with the emails, these individuals will easily affect your brand’s reputation and deliverability rate.


It is important to resort to these nine unique email marketing campaigns for your company. You can choose the ones that you think it’s convenient and fit for your business. Before you start implementing them, make sure to adjust the campaign according to the recipient’s action. The last thing you would want is to annoy your subscribers and end up in the spamming section. We are positive that these nine email marketing campaigns will jet-set your brand to the next level.