Account Manager

A Day In The Life Of An Account Manager

When I tell people I’m an Account Manager at Blue Whale Media they automatically assume I work with money although you can understand the confusion with my job as there’s a vast amount of duties under it. I would describe the role of an Account Manager at Blue Whale Media as a professional friend to help and guide clients through the website build process. I mainly work with new clients as they require the most help, but I do also work with existing clients.

Day To Day Jobs

Although I work from a new schedule each week I always start my day by reading and responding to my emails. A lot of the time I always end up coming away from my schedule as you never know when a client might call the office. After checking my emails, I use a project management system to track anything I need to do, this is good to use as I can monitor the priority and status. Images on a site can make it look great but if you find the right ones it can make it look amazing. When gathering images, we ask the client to send us the images or supply an image code from Shutterstock. We do this as images from there cost to download and we believe our clients shouldn’t have to pay anything extra for images, so we download them instead using the image code. Furthermore, images from Shutterstock are royalty free.

Website Build Process

A large part of a website build process is gathering all the necessary information so that the web design team can ‘crack on’. Every Tuesday and Thursday I chase all my clients that are still in the information gathering stage. I ask for things such as images, content and legals.

After this stage is being in build. To ensure building the website runs smoothly I have weekly meetings with all the designers and note what is needed from everyone. It’s then my responsibility to get what is needed. 

Quality Assurance

Blue Whale Media care about what our clients think therefore everything we design, make or action is approved by the client first putting them in the driver’s seat. I am constantly emailing or calling different clients to ask them if they can review this and that. We also give our clients multiple chances for any amendments they have, if any.

Blue Whale Media Representatives

Gary (Managing Director) and both me and Danielle (Account Managers) are the faces of the business. Even though it’s rare we speak to a client in person it is primarily us three who a client would lease with.

The Admin Side To Blue Whale Media

We have an administration site that we use to store all of our and our client’s information. This is also used to submit holiday requests etc… I have to make sure all data on the site is updated every day as the hole office use it every day and it’s important all information on there is correct.  On Fridays, we hold a team meeting as well as an individual department meeting. This helps myself and my colleges understand where we are at and underlines any issues we need to be aware of. 

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