A Guide to the Basics of Ecommerce SEO

So you have an online shop, but it is not generating enough traffic, and the marketing campaign you have employed has a low ROI. Why is this? It is most probably because your ecommerce strategy is not inclusive of the basics of SEO for ecommerce.

Below is a brief description of tools you could use to improve your online shop according to web design company Manchester experts.

The Keyword

The keyword is the most important tool in any SEO campaign. Keywords help clients or customers get access to the pathway to your online shop. However, the use of the keyword should also follow some guidelines to be effective.

In ecommerce SEO, it is important that the choice of keyword ranks up the SERPs. Buyer intent is also an essential factor to consider when choosing your keywords because the purpose of your online shop is to attract buyers and makes sales. Keyword research will also help you select keywords that have a higher search volume.

Get some ideas by researching on which keywords your competitors use rank higher than your keywords. Amazon and Ahrefs are some of the sites that could help in keyword research. Being careful not to choose irrelevant keywords is important. The wrong choice of keywords may kill off an entire marketing campaign.

Use some long tail keywords if you can. They are less competitive and more unique.

Site Architecture

The next tool to consider is the structure of your online shop website. An excellent ecommerce site should be simple and easy to navigate. Ensure that it does not require too many clicks and searches for a buyer to find a particular product on your site.

For a great customer experience include the following on your site:

  • Brand logo: it helps in recognition and creates trust and formality for your business
  • Search option: this allows customers to navigate the site easily
  • Categories sector: to help buyers find a specific product more efficiently
  • Engagement sector: include your social profiles links
  • About us: to help the customer know more about the company and create some connection with the customers.
  • Contacts: it is also important to include contact details for customers to use in case they have questions or issues.

If you need help in setting up your website, you can always ask the help of web design company Manchester experts.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization also helps in ranking up ecommerce sites. This is where you focus on your product and category pages. Make use of the product or category specific keywords here especially the long tail keywords. Include short URLs rich in keywords it improves search rankings.

Other on page ecommerce SEO strategies that increase ranks include:

  • Writing introductions for category pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Call to actions for products
  • Use of product images
  • Product reviews

There are many platforms that buyers use to search for products. E-commerce sites will have a broader reach if they are available in a variety of platforms such as mobile phones. A fast site also improves customer experience and encourage return visits, and consequently increases sales.

There are other E-commerce SEO techniques that could improve your online business. Start with the above-described basics, and you will get a significant ROI. You can also work together with a web design company Manchester in order to implement the above mentioned techniques.

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