A Marketing Guide On Black Friday & Cyber Monday

A Marketing Guide On Black Friday & Cyber Monday

If there’s one thing that every business owner looks forward to would be Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you plan well ahead, then you will succeed, but if you don’t then, all your potential profits will end up in your competitor’s bank account. Our team at Blue Whale Media has created a quick guide about the marketing ideas you should implement for these events.

Sales Planning

Avoid planning to put random services on sale on a single day. Why? Well, because you will come across inventory problems and will forget in turning off the sale pricing. You should always plan in advance and use Google Sheets for tracking your sales on a spreadsheet.

Tech Test

Even if you develop a great website design accompanied by the finest marketing strategies, it will still be useless with a faulty website. Can you imagine your site crashing down during an influx of traffic? All the shoppers will abandon your site and buy the products elsewhere. So, you should always test your site.

Creating Pictures & Themes

You can also come up with the best design for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays. You aren’t required to be a pro graphics designer to create excellent pictures for your marketing campaigns or website. Customers won’t be pleased when there’s too much going on in your shop. Make sure it is neat, colourful, and not too minimalistic.

Copy Writing

There are numerous types of holiday announcements and sales events. And they don’t always have to add the words “Cyber Monday” or “Black Friday” to tempt buyers looking for impressive deals. For example, you can use wordings like “Limited Sales – Only for 24 Hours” or “Exclusive Sale Announcements.”

Running a Contest

You can expand your email list and also increase your followers on social media by running a contest. It will also help you to boost site traffic and successfully generate all the targeted leads.

Using Social Proof

About 70% of online shoppers tend to read product reviews before making their purchase. They do so to see if the company is genuine or not. So, it is crucial to get social proof for your business.

Content Optimisation

You need to incorporate useful information and keywords in your description to allow shoppers in locating your products. It will enable your content to be more discoverable.

Mobile Optimisation

Online purchase through mobile is increasing every year based on the statistics. So, you must optimise your site to support shopping via mobile. If your site is lagging or not responding, then all your customers will neglect your page immediately. Remember that if it takes more than three seconds to load your page, then the visitor will probably leave. Ensure that there aren’t many fields to fill in before reaching the checkout process.

Staying Connected

After the end of the holidays, you should still remain connected with your customers. You can remain active all over social media and occasionally send out email newsletters to all your subscribers.