Abbie's Apprenticeship At Blue Whale Media

My Apprenticeship at Blue Whale Media

I started my apprenticeship at the start of April 2022 with Blue Whale Media as a Junior Web Developer. The course I am studying is a level 3 Software Development Technician apprenticeship. In this course I will learn all about software development as well as completing a specialist unit in web development. To help me with my apprenticeship at Blue Whale Media I am given a day per week that is dedicated to completing my apprenticeship course work or training.

The modules I will study are The Software Development Environment, The Software Development Lifecycle, Software Development Principles, Implementing Code and Coding For Data & Web. I will also learn how a business operates and how that relates to my job role within the company. I will also follow a specialist training pathway in web development to help me in my role at Blue Whale Media. This will teach me everything I need to know to be an effective member of my team.

Completing this apprenticeship will help me gain practical experience in web development. It will also help me develop my skills in software development as well as web development. It will help me develop my coding skills as well as my creativity and my logical thinking skills. I will also learn how to develop user interfaces and about data and security. I will complete three coding projects to help me develop these skills.

Once I complete my apprenticeship I hope to stay on with Blue Whale Media as a web developer and complete a higher level apprenticeship in software development.