About Blue Whale Media

Blue Whale Media a digital company established in January 2011 and originally only specialised in web design. Since then the business has grown including the services it offers, the team and even the office. Now we offer a range of services including web design, SEO (search engine optimisation), social media, e-commerce, blogging, app development, animation and hosting. We work with small and medium business similar to ours all around the UK although we are only based in Warrington.

Blue Whale Media’s Departments

We have lots of different teams within my organisation, but all are critical. Our teams are Admin, Graphic, Web Design, Drone, Digital Marketing, Sales and Content. Together we are a full digital agency. The Admin Team manage all clients that are having a website designed by us. They update our admin website as well as updating client files when new information is provided. In addition, they chase all the content needed for the build. The graphics team designs any in-house graphics including leaflets, business cards, desktop backgrounds and blog images but they are also the ones who create our client’s logos and other website graphics such as bullet points or map markers. The web designers are the people actually create the sites, they put all the pieces together. Our marketing team play an important role in getting our brand and client brand out there. They attract new potential leads and attend essential networking events. The sales team which I am apart of generate leads and convert as many as possible to sales. The sales team brings in the money needed to run the business. Our content team writes all the content used on our own projects as well as clients who wish to have professional content on their website. They write it in a way that Google can read which helps with SEO

How I communicate with Clients

I communicate with customers via the telephone and email. I also send forms through DocuSign. For example, I will create and send an information request sheet via DocuSign. The client will be alerted through their email automatically. I would then call the client and explain what I have done and the reason for doing it. Next, I would offer guidance in completing it over the phone. This is important as the quicker this process is done the quicker the client is to be getting their final product.


My organisation values good communication between both employees and clients. This is important as we take a customer focus approach. Creativity is one of our values as it is a key component in several of our main services such as web design and content creation. We believe in producing cost-effective products and services aimed at the SME market.

Blue Whale Media’s Future

Blue Whale Media aims to be the best agency on the market in the local area and surrounding areas. An objective is to grow the company. We aim to supply a quality service to start up, small and medium business. A large part of our services revolves around media. At the moment we are expanding our media capabilities to drones. We wish to work more within the private sector.

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