Account Management and Customer Support at Blue Whale Media

With a passion for finding solutions and networking with new customers, Joe Burden is one of the extraordinary account managers at Blue Whale Media. Calling himself, “a professional friend”, Joe liaises with clients and supports customers with any questions they might have, all while chasing down information and leads to help out the sales team.

Dubbed “young grasshopper” by his colleagues, Joe’s excitement and positive energy bounce him from task to task at lightning speeds.

Working at Blue Whale Media

Since starting at Blue Whale Media in March, Joe has been avidly completing training courses covering customer service, cybersecurity and GDPR regulations. This is largely because Joe loves talking with new customers and people, and always wants to be as informed as possible regarding the industry’s direction.

Most importantly, no task or problem is too big for Joe to take on, as he adores supporting clients and helping them resolve any kind of complications.

Outside of the Office

When he’s not answering phone calls or replying to emails, Joe can probably be found practising for his driving lessons or frantically biting his nails during an HQ Trivia quiz. Joe is also a lover of all things outdoors, always enjoying a good camping trip or hike. This being said, Joe is also a humongous hammock fan. Joe likes bringing his hammock somewhere, setting it up between a couple of trees, and having a relaxing sit down in his shady hammock.

Joe’s Favourite Projects

Joe is a charity event aficionado, always enjoying any of the team charity event. His recent favourite was the work hike to the top of mount Snowdon that the Blue Whale Media team did to raise money for Warrington Animal Welfare.

A big fan of the three dogs of the Blue Whale Media office, Joe still can’t stop watching the “A Day in the Life” videos that the Blue Whale Media team did for each dog in the office. Be sure to take a look at the “A Day in the Life” videos of Sid, Molly and George!

Favourite things about working at Blue Whale Media

We’ve already mentioned Joe’s love for the dogs in the office, but it can’t be understated how much Joe (and the rest of the team) loves the trio of dogs. Aside from his three furry friends, Joe mentioned that it’s also the friendly and helpful people that make working at Blue Whale Media so great for him.

Just as important to Joe is the attention that Blue Whale Media place upon training their staff, as Joe has been actively pursuing various qualifications to continue developing his career.

Future Goals and Aspirations

While Joe mentioned he’s incredibly happy at Blue Whale Media, he has big aspirations and hopes to be a sole account manager or team leader at a large firm one day. Before that however, Joe is looking to pass his apprenticeship before continuing to improve his account management experience. Also interested in sales, Joe is already becoming a multi-faceted member of the Blue Whale Media team as he continues to learn and develop new skills.

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