How to Add Website and FaceTime Hyperlinks to Your Email Signature?

An email signature without a link is incomplete. Signatures save you a great deal of time when you write and reply to emails. Thankfully, adding your website URL and links to your social media profiles and FaceTime is easy with Apple Mail.

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To add website and FaceTime hyperlinks, follow these steps:

Adding Hyperlinks to Signature in Mac Mail

Click on Mail > preference > Signatures

Choose the signature you want to edit.

Now click Command A. This will select all the text in your signature.

Next, press Command C. This will copy the text.

Click Command-N. This will open up a new message window.

Click anywhere in the message body.

Press Command A. This will select all the pre-existing content.

Press Command V. This will paste the signature you just copied.

Now highlight the text that you want to add hyperlink to. Say your company name.

From the menu, choose Edit > Add Link (or) Edit > Link > Add.

Enter the URL of your website.

Press OK.

Repeat the last 4 steps to add another URL.

Say you want to create a link to your Facebook page:

Highlight the word “Facebook” in your signature.

From the menu, choose Edit > Add Link (or) Edit > Link > Add.

Enter the URL of your Facebook page.

To add FaceTime link, simply highlight the word FaceTime in your text.

Press OK.

From the menu, choose Edit > Add Link (or) Edit > Link > Add.

Enter your Apple ID in the following manner:


Press OK.

Now, click Command A again to highlight all the text.

Press Command C to copy the text. This will copy your new signature.

Now, go to the Signatures window

Ensure the current signature is highlighted. If it isn’t, click anywhere in the signature and, press Command A to highlight all the existing text.

Press Command V to paste the new signature with the hyperlinks you just added.

Close the Signatures window.

Close the New Message window too.

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