How to Add Widgets to a WordPress Website?

As a web design Manchester agency specialising in WordPress websites for small businesses, we get a lot of questions about Wordpress. Many of our clients are business owners who’ve just been initiated into the world of WordPress CMS and are curious about making the most of their websites. A lot of them have quite a few questions about widgets – “what are widgets?”, “how to use widgets?” and “how to add widgets to my WordPress website?

What are Widgets?

Widgets are blocks of code that perform a specific function. You simply have to drag the widget of your choice from the admin panel to add it to the designated section of your website.

If you’re a beginner, widgets offer an easy way to add features like popular posts, galleries, Facebook Like boxes and a lot more.

Here’s how to find widgets in your WordPress admin panel:

Appearance > Widgets

Once you click on the Widgets button from the admin menu, you will see all the widgets under the list titled “Available Widgets”.

On the extreme right, you’ll find the designated areas on your website where widgets can be added. These designated areas are pre-defined by your theme (usually the sidebar) or you can ask your web design web design Manchester agency to customise the designated areas for you.

Adding Widgets

You can add widgets in a variety of ways. But the easiest way is to simply drag the widget to the sidebars available in your theme.

Alternatively, simply click on a widget from the available list of widgets. You will see the list of sidebars where this widget can be added. Simply choose the sidebar you want to add the widget to, and click on “Add Widget” button, and you’re done.

Removing Widgets

Say you changed your mind and want to remove a widget. Fret not. Removing widgets is as easy as adding them. Again, head to:

Appearance > Widgets

Now look for the widget you want to remove in the sidebars. Now click on the title of the widget to expand it. Along with the many options for customising the widget, you will see a “Delete” button at the bottom. Click on it to delete the widget.

Widgets for WordPress

So what sort of widgets are available for WordPress? The default installation brings with it some pre-set widgets such as recent comments, search, recent posts, etc.

But if you’re after a specific widget, it’s possible to add it to your widget list. A lot of themes and plugins offer their own set of widgets. So if the theme or plugin you’ve installed offers a plugin, you will see it under the list of “available widgets”.

Custom Widgets and More – Top Tips From A Web Design Manchester Agency

If you dabble in coding, you can create custom WordPress widgets of your own. If that’s too much for you, simply ask your web design Manchester agency for help. Professionals can easily create custom widgets for you to take the functionality of your WordPress website to another level.

Need a website? Looking for custom widgets? Perhaps you have a custom requirement? Get in touch with Blue Whale Media to discuss your web design project today.

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