Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe is a multinational software company and is focused on creating multimedia products. Adobe is very famous for its creation of Adobe Photoshop, an image editing software which has become very popular around the world. Adobe is also famous for the creation of other amazing pieces of software all created for different purposes. Each programme excels more in certain areas making it more suitable for specific tasks.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is the Photoshop of vector based art and probably the second most popular programme used in the creative industry. The vector-based programme has less detail as it doesn’t make use of pixels however, the artwork can be resized infinitely without loss of resolution or quality. Its main purpose is to create logos, Infographics, icons and illustrations. As all these products rely on changing size, Illustrator is suitable and convenient for putting designs on a small card and then scaled up to the size of a billboard.

Adobe After Effects

After Effects has been the front runner of the video compositing industry. Its primary purpose is for adding visual effects to videos and animations. It can also be used for the animation of typography and characters. After Effects packs some of the most powerful editing tools for video in the world. It may look intimidating but once you gage the idea of how it works, it is very simple and easy to use. It works with both 2D and 3D compositions with various stylize effects to create stunning animations and videos.

Adobe InDesign

InDesign is mainly used to produce and preview documents for magazines in both print and for online. It typography features are more precise than that of Photoshop but less beneficial when it comes to graphics. This allows designs to create quick layouts for magazines and documents. A great feature it has is that it works alongside the rest of the adobe creative suite to greaten its creative capabilities. If you need to create a layout for something with loads of text and graphics, look no further than Adobe InDesign.

Adobe Lightroom

A bit like Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom is used for photo editing and solely for that purpose. Lightroom helps you import, organise, manage and find your images with ease. Lightroom edits its photos by creating an essential layer of the top which can easily be reverted back to the old and original image. It is perfect for the basic photo editing and Photoshop should only be used when Lightroom can’t. However, there are a few specific areas where photoshop outperforms lightroom.

Adobe Premiere

Premiere Pro is used to edit and cut videos which will then be exported into the desired format. The video clips are added to a timeline to create a movie. It also has the capabilities to add effects, filters and titles. Adobe Premiere has some good audio mixing and effects but serious sound editing will need more serious audio software such as Adobe Audition.

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