Adobe Then And Now

Adobe was created by John Warnock and Charles Geschke in 1982, with the name chosen because of a brook that flowed behind Warnock’s house, Adobe Creek. Both were ex-Xerox executives. They created Postscript page description language. Apple used this to program and operate their laser printers. This also heralded the beginning of desktop publishing.

Early Software

When I was younger I remember the word Adobe. It would pop up every now and again, but I didn’t really take too much notice. Adobe was so intrinsically connected to Apple; PC users didn’t really get a look in in the early days. Things were about to change in the late 1980’s early 1990’s however. In 1989 Adobe released Photoshop. A groundbreaking photo editing and rendering suite. Yet again, this was exclusively for Apple users.

I think it was probably around this time that the name Adobe began to appear more often and I started to take notice a bit more. In 1993, Adobe released Adobe Reader and the PDF format. Even today, PDF’s are probably one of the most common files on the planet.

The start of a revolution in dreams

There have been many attempts by various companies to try and compete with Adobe products. Some still continue to this day. However, where photograph manipulation is concerned, Adobe is a clear winner.

Various versions of Photoshop have been released over the years and it is by far, the most commonly used software in design agencies, web agencies amongst others.

In 2008, Adobe released Dreamweaver. This moved them in to the world of web design, competing with the likes of Wordpress and Magento. The main difference of course is that Wordpress and Magento are open source. Talking about Magento, Adobe acquired the company in May 2018 for $1.68billion. with a view to bolster their Experience Cloud business.

The company in 2017 & 2018

After having to lose staff due to the financial crisis in 2009, Adobe has since grown to be a formidable force in the creativity and online world. There are now some 17,000 staff working for Adobe on a completely global basis. Headquarters are in San Hose California and the CEO is Shantanu Narayen. He must be doing something right with a $875,000 salary and a remuneration of some $15.7m!

Total revenue for 2017 was $7.30 billion with total assets of $14.53 billion. The future is definitely looking bright for this global innovative giant. Below is a link to the complete list of software from past to present that has either been created by Adobe or acquired via buyouts. It seems that list will only get longer!

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